Unify complex production landscapes with your financial reality using CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning and Control Software.

CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning and Control integrates this keystone process into your global financial plan, giving all departments involved — logistics, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, and finance — the insight to align activities around realistic, profit-centered budgets.

To give you cost transparency across the entire production line, the Analytic Information Hub centralizes granular data from all departments and automatically populates plans with real-time information. When you need to make adjustments on the fly, you’re fully equipped to control costs and maximize profit by individual plant and at the global level. With built-in what-if scenario modeling, variance analysis, and financial and operational reconciliation, our solution comes with everything you need to take a bottom-up approach to production cost planning.

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Key capabilities

Don’t let costs be a wrench in the production line. Our powerful data engine centralizes all corporate data to put finance and production functions on the same page and equips you with the tools to plan and control costs at every level.

  • Plan costs from the bottom-up
  • Pre-packaged MRP, production cost and COGS
  • Use cost allocation to analyze profitability by product
  • Improve decisions with what-if scenario and variance analysis
  • See P&L impacts by plant, group, corporate
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Key benefits

Production cost planning isn’t an island. It effects functions from plants and warehouses, to sales and operations. This solution was built to centralize production cost planning across complex corporate landscapes, benefitting the production units and the finance office individually, all while bringing them together.

  • Use built-in intelligence to convert currencies and run FX simulations
  • Our powerful data engine gives you real-time information
  • Control data flow from other functions
  • Get transparency with a complete audit trail
  • Pre-built for rapid implementation and to reduce costs
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Happy customers
CCH Tagetik's Production Cost Planning & Control is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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