Finanzen 12 Juni, 2019

Scotch & Soda kann mit CCH Tagetik jetzt häufiger und detaillierter planen!

Erfahren Sie, wie Scotch & Soda die Herausforderungen in Bezug auf Budgeting & Forecasting mit CCH Tagetik bewältigt hat und dabei die erforderliche Flexibilität gewinnt, um sich bei einer intelligenteren Planung an jede Änderung anpassen zu können.

Scotch & Soda
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Scotch & Soda operates in the retail fashion industry which is a really challenging and changing environment, the main challenge in itselfis the change, we have to deal with daily changes in the way we bring the products to the markets and the way the markets interact with oursupply chain.

We started to look for a new tool because we used Excel which was really error prone and did not meetthe expectations of our management team in terms of timing, closing cycles were too long.

We were looking for a vendor that could provide us agility and flexibility and meet our expectations, we were in a particular situation where we had a lot of changing demands from managementand we were looking for a partner that could provide us with that flexibility, that's why we decided to go along with CCH Tagetik.The project actually started with the consolidation module, that was the main reason why we bought the tool, even though at that time we already had in mind to also implement the budget and planning process, and when everything went smooth as we were expecting, we embarked on the second phasewhich was the budgeting and planning process.

The CCH Tagetik solution provide us data which is consistent throughout the consolidation and the budgeting and planning processes, that was for us a big surprise and also a big win, as we are able to use or reuse the actual data and do forecast.We are able to deliver really granular budgeting, before we only had channel planning for 2 yr forecasting.Now we are able to deliver much more granular data which is consistent with what we see in the actualsLooking back I would approach it exactly the same way, it was a success for us.We would definitely like to recommend CCH Tagetik to other consumers because it gives us a lot of positive surprises and so we would like to share those with other customers as well.
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