Finanzen 11 Dezember, 2019

2 Min Demo: Planung für Banken

Erfahren Sie in diesem 2-minütigen Video wie CCH Tagetik die Geschwindigkeit und Genauigkeit Ihrer Einlagen- und Kreditplanung für die jährliche Budgetierung oder Rolling Forecasts erhöhen kann.

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Bank Planning using CCH Tagetik.

CCH Tagetik has a solution to assist in accurately planning for loans and deposits with an intuitive tool that is easy to understand and even easier to use.In this instance I'm a power user so unlike others in the organization I have access to magic processes like loading and evaluating my existing loan portfolio orsetting base rates.

The steps are laid out in the logical order so I can set the rates first and then these will be used not just by me but by all of mymy colleagues that are going to be planning for their loans and deposits.

Let's start by setting the prime rate to start using 5.5%beginning in April.

I simply add this value and then I can go ahead and copy it to the right.Now as I hit save, all products that use prime as their base rate will have these rates.

Next I'm going to plan for my variousproduct groups, and I can choose to do this on the web or in Excel.

CCH Tagetik has already done the heavy lifting, preparing the form for me.

In this caseI'm planning for my small business accounts and I'm going to use the prime rate, and as you can see that latest prime rate is now provided here as my base rate.

It also knows that we're going to use Act 360 for calculating the yields.

These are just attributes on this particular product.

Now I'm free to make changes, for example, to new volume, say increasing this to 10 million.And the application would then spread this 10 million for new volume across these five separate products broken down by these percentages.And make no mistake, if these percentages didn't come up to a hundred, you'd get a visual indicator, and a validation check would ensure that the error would not persist.

Next, I can simply adjust this prime ratenow by adding spreads to the various products that I have.

In fact if I wanted to make an adjustment for my interest incomeadjustment down here, by let's say $1000, what you'll notice is, my average yield on new volume, as well as my average yield for total volumes, automatically updatesinstantaneously.Next, we're going to make adjustments for the FTPs on these yields.

We do this by setting the base rate as well as the term liquidity premiums, the liquidity coverage ratio,the credit risk and the incentive subsidy.

And the results are presented down here instantaneously on the net margin for my existing and my new volume.Now I can go ahead and save these changes and begin analysis.

And as you can see, CCH Tagetik can provide me with a top-down view, breaking out my variable versus myfixed interest products or combining them so I can do a year-over-year analysis or see a breakout of my earnings and my yields by month.So CCH Tagetik can provide me with a tool that will manage the many moving parts involved in planning my loan portfolio intelligently and accurately.
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