Finanzen 04 Januar, 2018

Erfahren Sie, warum sich Nelnet entschieden hat, für die Budgetierung, Planung und Konsolidierung zu CCH Tagetik zu wechseln

Nelnet entschied, dass es an der Zeit war, von BPC auf CCH Tagetik umzusteigen, um ihre Budgetierung, Planung und Konsolidierung nahtlos zu rationalisieren, mit einheitlicher End-to-End-Planung und besserer Geschäftskontinuität.

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Before CCH Tagetik we were already using a financial reporting tool, it was called BPC, we had used it for 8 years and it was getting to the point where we had to renew it, and it was a pretty pricey renewal fee, so our CFO tasked a group of us to look at different optionsthat would be more affordable for our company, so we interviewed four and then we came down to CCH Tagetik.

One of the big deciding factors for us, was the consolidation tool.We have definitely saved, between the two of us, so much time with this consolidation tool.

It has also helped with the accuracy, because it made sure thatwe crossed our T's dotted our I's and didn't miss anything, so that was a huge benefit for us moving to CCH Tagetik.I would say that CCH Tagetik saves me anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a month on our consolidation process, I used to do manual entries for 80 companies that we have, now it's kind of a couple clicks of a button and lot of more reviewing and making sure that we're more accurate, a lot of time savings there.We're able to create the reports exactly how we want it and pull in that one number or we can kind of move stuff around in the financials and that was the key thing for usto pick CCH Tagetik.I would say the big challenge that we faced in Budgeting and Planning is Personnel, we have a company with lots of different cost centers lines of business and everyone wants to plan their Personnel differently so, we have 'Job Code' where we have lot of people that we hire at minimum wage, we want to plan on bulk of them, we don't want to go downa list of thousand people, we just want to say we have a thousand people, put them at this rate … this much overtime… and push it through or then when we are budgeting leadership, we want to go in and say 'okay this is their salary, we want to apply a 3% salary increase and we wantto promote them at this time'… and CCH Tagetik allows us to do that, which is great because we are able toslice and dice our company to how we would like to budget.

There are so many of us that are in the tool budgeting and planning, five different segments nowthat everybody can be in the system at the same time, is a big plus because if one person was doing all of it, it would take a very long time to get it done.At a time management is a huge thing… with the different segments all signing off making sure that everybody can get in their data and get it in accuratelySince we started using CCH Tagetik, the intercompany eliminations … it's really easy for us to pinpoint what's wrong,if there's something missing, if somebody didn't make an entry that they should have, having a streamlined process of having both planning and consolidation in the same systembeing able to compare side-by-side, not running any additional reports or any one report, being able to see both of them right there, it's really helpful.Month end used to be a beast, I was spending a lot of hours just making journal entries, manual adjustments, going back and forth trying to find errors and now CCH Tagetik finds those errors, I mean books taxes automatically for us, we don't have to do any of that, we just change the tax rate and click a button and it's doneand we used to be going into every company and booking in those entries so I mean hours of my month-end and then I can also getFinancial reports out to the executive team faster that way.

I feel extremely confident when delivering the product.The executive leadership team probably benefited also on the timing with consolidation, the quicker we can get quarter and year end close doneconfidently, and then our other teams can go and work on the SEC reporting and going back, sometimes we have late adjustments, a month into year end close, really now all is just a click-of-a button to reconsolidate and before it was going and spending hours booking these journal entries all the way up to the parent company and now it's a 30-minute process to update if we have late adjustments, which is amazing.I think it's a very affordable product, a quality product, the customer service is wonderfulthe people are great to work with… I would recommend CCH Tagetik to someone else: the consolidation tool has just made my life so much better sogoing from a tool like we were using BPC or from nothing at all, I think that the transition would be great with the team that they have.
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