Go deeper and highlight valuable attributes

Often key patient care and business decisions will require you to understand more about a drug than its basic identifiers and information like name, strength, and dosage form.

To enhance your healthcare decisions, you need access to critical non-clinical drug data.

Medi-Span provides additional important drug attributes solutions to help you:

  • Take the mystery out of brand-versus-generic determinations
  • Access drug information for inactive drugs
  • Simplify maintenance of drug application data for processing of Medicare Part D prescriptions
  • Help reduce medication errors with drug identification images and descriptions
Options to help you meet your goals
  • Brand Probability Solution

    Making determinations on a drug product’s brand or generic status is complex. The Brand Probability solution provides access to data that drives brand-versus-generic product decisions for inclusions on formulary. This solution includes:

    • New and existing data sources, including Drug Application Type (NDA, ANDA), CMS Drug Category Code, Multi-source Code, FDA Orange Book Reference Listed Drug and more
    • A weighted algorithm to establish a Brand Probability Percent Value for a drug product
    • Historical data that enables probability score changes to be tracked over time
  • Drug Inactive Date Solution

    Access the drug information you need even for drugs that are no longer active. With this solution, you receive an extensive list of inactive NDCs, Universal Product Codes (UPCs), and Health Related Item (HRIs)—dating back to the early 1980s—along with their associated inactive dates.

  • Drug Application Solution

    The US FDA and other US government information is constantly evolving. With Medi-Span Drug Application solution, we help you reduce the time spent reviewing updates posted by the government and monitoring of FDA website for drug status. This solution includes:

    • FDA Application Number
    • Application Type (NDA, ANDA, BLA)
    • FDA Approval Date
    • FDA Therapeutic Equivalence
    • Reference Listed Drug Status
    • Product Number
    • Marketing Category, Marketing Start Date, and Marketing End Date
    • Indicator flag that identifies an NDC as being available in the Medi-Span drug data
    • Medi-Span inactive date for NDCs present in the Medi-Span drug data, but inactive
    • Manufacturer-reported information in advance of the FDA’s website postings
  • Drug Image and Imprint Solution

    Simplifying drug product identification helps strengthen existing patient safety measures, and visual cues are a critical part of this process. In addition to helping healthcare professionals, the inclusion of drug images and imprints also enhances patient education and compliance when they are provided as part of patient education materials. This solution includes:

    • High-resolution images of tablets, capsules, transdermal patches, and other dosage forms in multiple formats (e.g., .jpg, .gif and .bmp) for more than 20,800 unique images covering over 56,600 NDCs
    • Imprints for more than 73,800 NDCs with multiple descriptors for a drug, including color, dose form, coating, shape, flavor, and imprint text
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