Patients need support on their healthcare journey—be their guide

With a rising focus on population health, healthcare organizations are finding innovative ways to promote their patients’ involvement in their care. This, in turn, can lead to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. Solutions may take many forms—patient portals, apps, and patient education ordered through the EMR—but the choice of technology is only as effective as the content being delivered.
This is where Medi-Span can help.

Strengthen the relationship between healthcare providers and patients with patient portals

Patient portals help build trust, increase loyalty, and drive the patient to be more engaged with their healthcare team. Medi-Span makes it easy for your organization to deliver medication and counseling information that is patient-friendly, evidence-based, and aligned with the clinical decision support their clinicians use daily in UpToDate® and UpToDate® Lexidrug™ (formerly Lexicomp®). With convenient access to your patient portal and the robust educational materials from Medi-Span, your patients and members get the medication adherence and wellness support they need, when and where they need it.

Enrich the medication data you provide via your patient portal or application

Medi-Span has the content needed to support complex health-related topics in a patient-friendly way, which allows patients to be an active participant in their own care. Medi-Span data helps support the patient by providing patient-facing information that:

  • Helps people easily identify their medications with the image and imprints data
  • Includes drug interactions (drug-drug and drug-food); instructions on how to take their medications; possible side effects; storage and administration information; and other important information
  • Is delivered in multiple languages
  • Empowers patients to take an active part in their care with the ability to add in their allergies, current medications and current medical conditions to complete their profile

Expert insights from Medi-Span

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