Making data more useful across systems

Data interoperability continues to be a critical part of coordinating care, meeting government requirements, and ensuring efficient healthcare delivery. The challenge lies in ensuring complete access across the healthcare continuum to support patient safety and efficiency.

Flexible Mappings Ensure Efficient Exchange of Information

Map to standard terminologies to facilitate communication between healthcare organizations and data sources to help interoperability and patient safety.

Communication is a two-way street, and we have your map

Medi-Span offers mappings between our drug information and proprietary drug, disease, and allergy concepts and industry standard vocabularies. We provide multiple mapping files to support your interoperability needs, including the ability to:

  • Allow systems that use different disease nomenclature to share data efficiently and effectively
  • Minimize impact on customers from code updates, simplifying maintenance of these data sets
  • Allow disparate systems to share disease state, drug allergy, drug attribute and diagnostic information
  • Reduce development time by eliminating unnecessary repeated development when clinical content accesses common vocabularies
  • Remain current with latest regulatory requirements, such as Promoting Interoperability (Meaningful Use)
(Medi-Span) allows for consistency across the company, industry, and clients.
Manager from an insurance company
Healthcare institutions today must link systems, hospital groups and care pathways across the continuum to ensure the efficient exchange of data and meet changing government regulations.
We do this in a variety of ways:
  • RxNorm Mapping
    Provides mappings between RxNorm drug concepts and multiple Medi-Span drug vocabularies
  • SNOMED CT Disease Mapping
    Provides mappings between SNOMED CT disease concepts and Medi-Span proprietary medical condition vocabulary
  • Master Parameters Mapping
    Provides mappings between Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) and Medi-Span Master Parameters vocabulary for laboratory tests, procedures, and physical assessments
  • Immunization Mapping
    Provides mappings between CVX (vaccines) and MVX (manufacturers of vaccines) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Medi-Span drug concepts and labelers
  • ICD-10-CM And ICD-10- PCS Mapping
    Provides mapping between ICD-10 CM/PCS and Medi-Span proprietary medical condition vocabulary
  • Drug Allergy Mappings
    Provides mappings between RxNorm ingredients, FDA UNII, MED-RT allergen classes, and SNOMED CT substances and Medi-Span proprietary ingredients and allergen classes
  • Uniform System of Classification (USC) Mapping
    Provides mappings between the USC therapeutic classification and the Medi-Span proprietary therapeutic classification
  • AHFS Mapping
    Provides mappings between the American Hospital Formulary Service (AHFS) therapeutic classification and the Medi-Span proprietary therapeutic classification
  • Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Codes (HCPCS) Mapping
    Provides mappings between HCPCS codes and NDC-UPC-HRI
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