Support core EMR functionality and e-prescribing

Medi-Span drug data is used by EMR vendors and their healthcare providers worldwide to provide core functionality to clinicians at the point of care. Vendors integrate our drug data as the backbone of systems used in hospitals, ambulatory practices and specialty clinics, pharmacies, and more.

Key functionality and content areas include: Electronic prescribing, drug interaction data, dose range checking, mapping to standard code sets like RxNorm, drug reference data, and patient education. Users can also make use of sophisticated tools to filter alerts to make sure that clinicians are seeing the most important information and less noise.

Users are also supported by a Medi-Span implementation team that provides best-practice knowledge in developing clinical workflows. And since Medi-Span data is developed in concert with Wolters Kluwer reference solutions, UpToDate® and UpToDate® Lexidrug™ (formerly Lexicomp®), users can know they are seeing harmonized information from a single trusted source.

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Medi-Span drug data

Enable systems to screen for drug interactions, check doses, provide clinician alerts, complete electronic prescribing orders and more. Use sophisticated tools to manage alert settings to highlight important information and reduce noise.

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Drug reference integrations

Build integrations to UpToDate, UpToDate Lexidrug, and other clinical reference solutions to bring access closer to clinicians at the point-of-care within EMR and other clinical systems.

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Patient Education

Drive patient adherence to treatment and impact on outcomes using patient-facing leaflets on medications, discharge instructions, and more in their own language.

Why choose Medi-Span?
In recent surveys, successful healthcare companies described their experiences with Medi-Span and detailed the value of its data. The sheer amount of data required to support healthcare decisions is too vast and too specialized for any one organization to manage. That's why we streamline valuable content and decision support functionality into intelligent databases and integrated tools.
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Existing integrations with EMR systems for providers
Medi-Span is already used by top EMR vendors, including Epic. Contact us today to learn more about how Medi-Span works with your specific vendor and to start working with your dedicated implementation team.


Seven of the 10 top-grossing EMRs use Medi-Span information in CPOE, EMAR, and other clinical functions for inpatient and outpatient

Retail pharmacies

Four of the five top-grossing retailers use our solutions to enhance patient safety initiatives, calculate reimbursement values, adjudicate medication claims with PBMs, and support patient consultation


Used in 25 of the 27 Honor Roll hospitals and children's hospitals
[ranked by U.S. News & World Report]


17 out of 20 of the top-grossing PBMs and 95% of the 20 top health insurance companies use Medi-Span drug data to adjudicate claims, maintain their formularies, and access their member populations

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