Optimize your formulary development decisions

Given the increasing volume and complexity of medications available, as well as rising drug costs, smart formulary management becomes more important than ever. When developing the formulary for your organization, you consider a complex set of factors related to medication details and pricing. This is made even more challenging because information changes frequently. Medi-Span provides critical drug data you need to optimize your formulary decisions, with the shared aim of promoting positive therapeutic results through evidenced-based, cost-effective medication therapy.

Manage your formulary over time with Medi-Span data

An ongoing formulary management strategy is required to respond to updates to medications, promote the effective use of healthcare resources, and minimize costs. Medi-Span data connects you to the latest industry content and standards as well as the best practices in drug pricing by providing regular, ongoing updates based on the most current evidence and literature. We monitor the drug information closely so that you can maintain your formulary more efficiently and with more confidence.

Medi-Span supports the development and ongoing management of your formulary by providing critical information such as:

  • Drug data with important therapeutic classification systems and brand-generic probability indicators
  • Regularly updated, trusted pricing data including US federal government pricing benchmarks and HCPCS billing codes, to provide you an extensive view of the pricing landscape
  • Data that helps relieve some of your burden and effort of tracking and keeping up with Medicare information for pricing and reimbursement purposes
  • Current drug status to help with reimbursement
  • Support for prior authorization activities and other billing and formulary system decisions using Medi-Span patient safety data
  • Data to help prevent inappropriate prescribing
Embedded drug data and clinical screening modules to support appropriate medication prescribing
Organizations use Medi-Span® drug data and clinical screening modules to support appropriate medication decisions, and to help reduce prescribing errors by optimizing alert systems.
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