Making your smart medication decision-making brilliant

The sheer amount of data required to support healthcare decisions is impossible for one person, or even one organization, to handle. What’s more, each medication decision has a critical impact on the quality of care your patients receive. You and your team need support you can trust that will connect you to the data you’re seeking, move with the fluctuations of the healthcare industry, and respond to your needs.

That’s why we streamline valuable content and decision support functionality into intelligent databases and integrated tools for your healthcare organization or business.

Expert content that supports decision making

Medi-Span is globally recognized for the high quality of our drug information and medication safety content and the rigorous development process and editorial philosophy behind it. Leverage our content sets to solve a wide range of healthcare challenges from creating picklists to identifying hazardous drugs.

Trusted drug data

Medi-Span drug databases provide drug vocabularies, attributes, and clinical screening modules integrated into EMRs, pharmacy systems, and other healthcare applications to aid in decision support. They are trusted worldwide to help elevate quality, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.

You can have confidence in our data because it is the No. 1 choice of many leading companies. Customers' experience has led them to trust Medi-Span.

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17 out of 20 of the top-grossing PBMs and 95% of the 20 top health insurance companies

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7 of the 10 top-grossing EMRs

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Retail pharmacies

4 of the 5 top-grossing retailers

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