Finanzen 10 Januar, 2019

Keepmoat erhält Einblick in Projektplanungsparameter wie zum Beispiel laufende Arbeiten, investiertes Kapital und Cashflow mit CCH Tagetik.

Erfahren Sie, wie CCH Tagetik Keepmoat dabei hilft, zu planen und zu überwachen, wie sich jedes Projekt oder jede Investition auf den Cashflow, die Zinskosten und die Rentabilität auswirkt.

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Keepmoat is based all over the country, so we have people inputting data from various locations, obviously using CCH Tagetikyou got a standardized data input form and a standardized data out, so it just kind of takes out that ambiguity.What's impressed me the most during the implementation project of CCH Tagetik would be how easy is to bespoke CCH Tagetik to your business needs,an example of that would be, that we've had two fairly major transactions during the years we've had CCH Tagetik installed, we've sold a large part of the business and we've bought another business.We've managed to deal with various transactions quite easily and even assist with the reporting of the sale of a significant part of our business, CCH Tagetik made things a lot easier for us.The biggest impact of implementing CCH Tagetik would definitely be the time saving, it saved us two and a half days at month end,so every year it's the best part of a month that it saves us, and that allows you to spend time doing other projects and going forward because we are house builder we kind of report right down at site levelwe can start doing cash flows at site level and kind of bring in all the company data and push that right down to site level using CCH Tagetik.The benefits our team see for a platform solution are that the data is on a standard format and different parts of the business are reporting in the same way, that makes it easy for us to do our reports and makes it easy for us also to do our data analysis and analytical review and comparisons to budget.The way that CCH Tagetik standardizes everything we do across the business is definitely the biggest benefit we've seen.We can now look at financial data in conjunction with non-financial data, because for a house builder what's important to us is plots sold, all land bank,land security, sales secutity for the rest of the year and we can align those different measures along with our income statement and our cash flow statement to getthe full picture of what's happened in the business, it's made my life much easier.
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