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Evolve Now: Die Erfahrung von MT Højgaard

Erfahren Sie, wie CCH Tagetik die komplexen globalen Anforderungen von MT Højgaard in einem Konsolidierungsworkflow umsetzt, der Prozesse von der lokalen bis hin zur Konzernkonsolidierung mit einer echten integrierten Geschäftsplanung über alle Tochtergesellschaften hinweg rationalisiert.

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The MTH group consists of about five medium-to-large companies and about 50 smaller companies.We mainly focus on construction projects but also have companies that rent out equipment.

Our distinctive characteristic in the construction industry is to have relativelyfew projects, but they are very large, quite complex and long-term.

So it's essential for us to be able to forecast and follow-up on the project-level.Before implementing CCH Tagetik, we used a home-built Excel application for monthly close and forecasting.

From there, the data would be available in various reports and would be loaded into Cognos Controller for consolidation and group reporting.It suffered from the same challenges as many other Excel applications.

First, it didn't scale very well.

We wanted to support other companies with the same model,and the model simply wasn't flexible enough.

Adding more companies required a lot of work while greatly increasing the complexity and the risk.In addition, it was becoming increasingly difficult to make changes to the model.

We needed a solution that would support the complexityand the dimensionality that we needed, and would support both forecasting and consolidation.

And then, we wanted to be able to do as much as possible on our own.

The ambition was that we wanted help getting started and then be as self-sufficient as possible moving forward.We looked at several systems, and it was clear to us that CCH Tagetik was the best fit.Due to the long-term focus of our industry, we don't just forecast the current year.

We always forecast the next year and even a third year by September.This means that our forecasts cover 19 to 28 months.

We forecast on the lowest entity levels, which are cost and profit centers.

We currently have about 250 entities and 100+ users on the system.I think the main benefit for us is transparency.

We have achieved a uniform data model.

This ensures that we can follow the data from the ERP system right into the forecasts and consolidated reports.Additionally, we've managed to separate management reporting and consolidation and, therefore, achieved a more agile process.Finally, we're seeing continuous development of the system.

Judging from the data service packs and the roadmap, it seems to me that there's a clear vision for CCH Tagetik, and they will become an even greater fit for us in the future.
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