Finanzen 04 August, 2017

Ania ist überzeugt, dass CCH Tagetik die riesigen Informationsmengen für Solvency 2 effektiv verarbeiten kann.

Erfahren Sie, wie beeindruckt Ania von der schnellen, effizienten und starken Validierung für Solvency II Filings von CCH Tagetik ist.

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Our task was to find a way to collect data from all the marketand this was a very important challenge, because Solvency II with the Pillar III……the amount of data deriving from Solvency II was enormous andyou can imagine how difficult it can be if you multiply this huge volume of data, not just by one or two, but by one hundred.

So, it was vital for us to find a solution that could collect data in a very efficient and quick way at the same time and also read the data in a very user-friendly andeffective way.

The solution we found with CCH Tagetik was very impressive.I would say that for me was very important, not only the IT capabilities,but also the good knowledge that CCH Tagetik had on regulatory and all the Solvency II issues.So, amongst the other vendors we found out that it was not only IT the skills that CCH Tagetik had…we found out that they could, actually, assist us in helping, building up and creatingthe platform for Sovlency II.

So, this was a very good match for us, almost unique becauseother vendors had very good IT skills, other vendors had very good capabilities on regulatory but… …the match of the two was a very good combination.With CCH Tagetik we developed this software that was a sort of benchmarking for insurance companies, which created a lot of impressive value-added for the insurance companies itself.

I found working with CCH Tagetik something very efficient……they are always very keen to help, always at your right side, I mean, we never felt aloneduring the process and we developed this project in a very short period of time and we were exactlyon time on delivering the results.

So, as far as I can say, I'm very honest, I would, obviously, recommend CCH Tagetik.
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