Improve accuracy, timeliness, quality and efficiency of your regulatory reporting

Our clients have been choosing us because of our long-term vision, in-depth expertise and award-winning technology. These attributes enable clients to not only achieve regulatory compliance but they also provide a platform for leveraging the investment already made, generating deeper insight and helping to improve decision-making.

Delivered both on-cloud and on-premise, OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting improves accuracy, timeliness, quality, and efficiency of financial firms' regulatory reporting processes. It covers all types of reporting, including:

  • Financial reporting (e.g. FINREP)
  • Prudential reporting (e.g. COREP, BCAR, FRY-14)
  • Transactional reporting (e.g. MiFID II)
  • Statistical reporting (e.g. Economic & Financial Statistics)
  • Granular reporting (e.g. AnaCredit or MAS 610)
  • Multi-dimensional reporting (e.g. Smart Cubes )

Insights Magazine, The Lockdown Issue

As the world continues to assess the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic, your business and regulatory obligations have not slowed down.

Our bi-annual Insights Magazine is now online, and features continued coverage on Basel IV, a post-Covid regulatory outlook on credit risk, a series of insightful articles on technology and innovation, as well as coverage on the business value of using SaaS, an article discussing the dynamic shifts expected to reshape the banking industry, and much more.

How can we add value to your business?
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Deep subject-matter expertise with an overview of regulatory changes, deadlines and impact on your business
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Help you limit exposure to regulatory change
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Help you ensure an ongoing compliance in 30+ jurisdictions
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Provide agility in responding to unpredictable future change via regulatory data consolidated in one place
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Transparent and predictable cost of compliance via our on-cloud solution
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A wide array of consulting
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