Optimize your human capital with CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Workforce Planning

Improve compensation planning with a solution that is quick to implement and easy to use. CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Workforce Planning app is a pre-built solution that provides you with all the functionality to accurately plan and forecast payroll and benefit expenses at the individual employee and department level. Plan labor for new hires and employee costs by individual, manage day-to-day workforce needs and forecast the future with the full picture of impacts in mind..

For complex workforce management, use what-if scenario analysis to challenge assumptions and play out impacts on the income statement. Whether you want to manage employee transfers, bonuses, or calculate salary annually or hourly, the app has the calculation logic, data validation and reporting tools you need to produce outputs fast and accurately.

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3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Workforce Planning let's you focus on your business

Key capabilities

Manage your workforce needs precisely and efficiently. Use our workforce planning functionality to develop compensation models, determine employee costs, and adjust quickly to changing human variables.

  • Plan compensation and costs down to the employee level
  • Forecast transfers, terminations and open positions by department
  • Create forecasts and budgets with any time horizons
  • Create forecasts using global and local assumptions.
  • Play what-if scenarios to optimize workforce
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Key benefits

Align workforce data with all corporate data, plans and processes in one trusted source. Our app comes out-of-the-box with essential functions that you can easily configure to meet your unique needs.

  • Pre-built using best practices for companies
  • Centralized data, workflow and built-in reporting tools
  • Create instant simulations and compare scenarios
  • Dynamically connects plans to workforce goals
  • Align finance, operations and HR with detail-level insights
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