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Inputs, narrative, validations, updates, approvals, audits — meeting compliance doesn’t have to be an obstacle course. Our solution makes regulatory reporting simple for the Office of the CFO. CCH Tagetik, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, brings granular financial and operational data together in a single source so you can easily locate relevant data and prepare it in accordance with regulations.

Our unified software comes complete with pre-built compliance solutions
ESG & SustainabilityLease Accounting, IFRS 17, iXBRL, and more — that streamline your regulatory reporting process. Each compliance solution includes configurable report templates, a process workflow, requirement-specific calculation logic. As with all our products, our compliance solutions automatically cascade real-time data into your reports. With disclosures that are easily audited, verifiably accurate, and completely trusted, you can be confident that your reports are 100% compliant, 100% of the time.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Regulatory Reporting lets you focus on your business

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  • Syngenta
  • Smith & Nephew
  • Rabobank, N.A.
We are very happy with this solution. We’re sourcing IFRS 16 data, leasing contracts from other existing systems and databases, and we post into our existing SAP systems. The key benefit we’re experiencing is that we’re compliant and compliant in the easiest way possible.
Simon Nardecchia
We looked at a number of different accounting solutions. We very quickly saw that some could not cope with a lot of currencies. They could not cope with multiple charts of accounts. Then we saw that CCH Tagetik could cope with all of these things. It has a strong accounting engine, great reporting capabilities, and it just seemed to tick all of the boxes.
Michele O’Mara
CCH Tagetik delivered a single source of truth for Rabobank, consolidating over 24 sources of data into a cohesive and controlled scalable reporting and budgeting solution for four regulatory viewpoints, US GAAP and IFRS.
Meghan Maze
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Key Benefits you will gain with CCH Tagetik Regulatory Reporting

Pre-packaged for speed. A single source for accuracy. Workflow and audit trail for collaboration and control. CCH Tagetik has everything you need to streamline regulatory reporting and reduce your reporting cycle.

  • Quickly comply with pre-packaged solution
  • Flexible solutions that can be extended
  • Reduce risk with standard calculations and reports
  • Changes can be easily made by finance, not IT
  • Unified with CPM solutions
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Aggreko provides up-to-date disclosures faster with CCH Tagetik

Increased agility. Improved efficiency. More transparency. With CCH Tagetik Regulatory Reporting, you’ll spend more time discussing what the numbers mean – and less time wondering where they’ve come from.

  • Simplify and speed up the disclosure process
  • Comply quickly with pre-packaged regulatory reporting
  • Mitigate risk with an integrated end-to-end  process
  • Deliver trusted information to decision-makers faster
  • Flexibility to create your own reports
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CCH Tagetik Compliance Solutions


Frequently asked questions on compliance regulatory reporting

What is external reporting and compliance?

External reports and compliance refers to the disclosure filings that are required by regulating agencies like the SEC. Public facing companies must comply with filing guidelines set out by regulators and accounting rules depending on region, IFRS or US GAAP. These documents are submitted under the intention of transparency; it’s the responsibility of public companies to ensure that stakeholders and investors know what they’re getting themselves into by being involved in a company. This way external stakeholders can continue to support, or otherwise withdraw their support, based on results.

What is supervisory reporting or regulatory reporting?

Supervisory reporting is the mandatory recognition and reporting for financial companies, banks, securities, and investment firms required by supervisory bodies, like the Committee of Banking Supervision (CEBS) or European Banking Authority (EBA). Supervisory and regulatory reports contain consolidated data, balance sheets and income information.

This reporting allows the financial institution controlling the entities to analyze the financial situation of the institution. These vary from industry to industry:
Banking: Basel III, FinRep CoRep
Insurance: Solvency II

What is Basel II?

Basel II is the second of the Basel Accords which were put in place by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2004 in an effort to mitigate banking and economic risk. Effective in 2004, Basel II expanded on Basel I and established three pillars

  • Pillar 1: Minimum Capital Requirements
  • Pillar 2: Regulatory Supervision
  • Pillar 3: Market Discipline

The minimum capital requirement imposed by Basel II was its greatest contribution to the Basel accords, ensuring that banks had to maintain minimum capital ratios of regulatory capital over risk-weighted assets. Basel II has now been superseded by Basel III.

What is Basel III?

Basel III is the third of the Basel Accords which were put in place by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2004 in an effort to mitigate banking and economic risk. Effective in 2009, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Basel III is composed of three pillars:

  • Pillar 1: sets minimum capital requirements and outlines capital adequacy
  • Pillar 2: establishes supervisory review requirements of capital adequacy assessments
  • Pillar 3: imposes greater market discipline and stringent disclosure of capital structure. Adequacy and risk weighted assets are required by the regulatory authorities

The main goal of Basel III is to improve transparency in banks, how they deal with economic stress and strengthen individual banks in order to avoid widespread crashes. Basel III in particular works to ensure that all banks are held accountable, even those deemed “too big to fail.”

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