Kick-start consolidation with Satriun EasyStart's best practice kit run on CCH Tagetik

Satriun’s EasyStart is a CCH Tagetik starter kit that brings your group reporting, consolidation and planning process to the next level – unified in one tool, efficiently implemented without risk. Our leading CCH Tagetik expertise goes hand-in-hand with best practices from over 20 years of project experience. These are the foundation of this sustainable, scalable solution – ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.

EasyStart leverages CCH Tagetik's standard functionality and provides pre-defined «best practice» processes. The app includes dynamic data entry forms for unified reporting of actuals, forecasts, budget and multi-year plans and pre-defined configuration for statutory financial consolidation according to the accounting standards you're subject to, including IFRS and various local GAAPs.

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3 reasons why Satriun EasyStart lets you focus on business

Unified group reporting platform

EasyStart provides an accelerated implementation with a single, unified software for consolidation, budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting.

  • Scalable to need, while minimizing risk
  • Owned by business teams after implementation
  • Advanced data drill down and drill through
  • Team training during testing
  • Auditable solution that fulfills requirements
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Pre-defined templates for your planning and forecast process

EasyStart provides a pre-configured solution designed using a group chart of accounts & reporting package, compliant with IFRS, IFRS SME, Swiss GAAP FER or local GAAP with these top five of EasyStart’s capabilities.

  • Pre-defined, dynamic data entry forms
  • Actuals, forecasts, budgets, and multi-year plans
  • Statutory consolidation for balance sheet, P&L
  • Automated cash flow statement and notes
  • Group chart of accounts and reporting for compliance
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