Achieve easy, flexible real-time integration and reporting with verovis’ T/4 Connect Solution starter kit

With its pre-configured data integration and reporting content, verovis’ T/4 Connect interface solution facilitates easy and flexible real-time reporting and seamless integration between CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA and further SAP Analytics applications.

Automate your data reporting for faster close and less manual effort for data quality cleansing. Leverage SAP analytics tools to provide a digital platform for reporting. Reduce overall project and implementation costs with pre-packaged content for self-service reporting and data integration. Characterized by fast and easy deployment, verovis’ T/4 Connect will get you prototyping reports early as part of a short implementation cycle, while pre-built SAP HANA content is adaptive to specific integration and reporting requirements.

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3 reasons why T/4 – Connect from verovis lets you focus on business

Real-time dashboard based on the CCH Tagetik Virtual Data Model

T/4 Connect enables you to tap into numerous benefits from automation to implementation efficiencies.

  • Seamless, automated SAP S/4 HANA & CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA integration
  • Fast, easy deployment for quick implementation
  • Reduce project and implementation costs
  • Customizable content adapts to requirements
  • Integrated data validation for quality reports
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Financial statement with real-time currency conversion

verovis T/4 Connect has a range of capabilities that ensure flexible, real-time reporting.

  • Transactional and master data auto-replication
  • Self-service reporting and dashboarding
  • Backwards/forwards integration of all data
  • Leverage SAP analytics tools for reporting
  • Reduce project and implementation costs
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