Define and control spending initiatives with AKC’s SG&A Management, a CCH Tagetik starter kit

SG&A Management from AKC is a scalable, user-friendly and fast to set-up CCH Tagetik starter kit that handles Sales, General and Administration (SG&A) expenses. SG&A Management helps users define and control spending initiatives such as marketing, CAPEX, IT or consultancy. The solution also supports approval processes, capacity analysis, and variance analysis between actual and planned data. The benefit to you? SG&A Management plugs a gap that finance frequently experiences in ERP systems. Its principal steps are: project proposal, project expenses, expense chargebacks, budget creation, expense allocation, and budgeting. The solution also includes planning and analysis so you can dive deep into the details of your spending initiatives.

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3 reasons why SG&A Management from AKC lets you focus on business

Amount analysis and monthly reports

AKC’s SG&A Management ensured spending can be defined and controlled:

  • Pre-built reports mean a fast set-up
  • Flexibility and modularity for scalability
  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • Smart linking with CCH Tagetik processes
  • User-friendly monitoring of spending initiatives
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AKC’s SG&A Management enables you to define and control spending.

  • Track tasks, processes and approvals
  • Use preconfigured forms to create SG&A, budgets and variance reports
  • Collaboration through preconfigured features
  • Analyze decisions with what-if analysis
  • Perform hierarchy management within spending initiatives
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