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We're dedicated to your success

Our support team is comprised of trained financial application specialists, product specialists, and IT professionals who will collaborate with you to resolve any issue — whether that's a simple user inquiry or a complicated technical request.

Standard support for
CCH Tagetik customers

If you're already a CCH Tagetik Customer, standard support is included in your annual maintenance fee. It includes:



  • eSupport portal for reporting bugs
  • Unlimited bug fixing
  • Free download of most updated version of your software
  • Access to the CCH Tagetik Library and Question & Answer sessions, and self-help resources 
  • A global network of certified partners that support you locally

On the cloud

  • Access control and provisioning
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Data backup, restore, and disaster recovery
  • Infrastructure performance fine-tuning
  • Access to the CCH Tagetik Library and Question & Answer sessions, and self-help resources

Additional support services

Need to extend your standard support package beyond functional issues? Check out our additional support services.

What's included?

SLA and escalation:

  • Shortened response time for a better responsiveness.
  • Cure period: Time limit in service hours for providing a fix, a workaround or an action plan.
  • Escalation request: By raising an escalation request, CCH Tagetik Senior Management will be notified. Our senior technical staff will be immediately available to help bring your issue to a close.

Follow the sun:

Extended first-level support service hours consisting of twenty-four working hours in five working days provided by CCH Tagetik support team based in Europe, Asia and USA.

Advanced support services:

  • Release/patch installation assistance: The CCH Tagetik Team supports you with upgrades.
  • Functional/technical assistance: Functional and technical assistance for maintaining your environment. E.e.: New forms implementation, usage of advanced functionalities, new data collection process setting, and more.
  • Application troubleshooting: Our consultants check-up on a specific setting to suggest and apply best practices or the latest functionalities available.
  • Performance troubleshooting: Our consultants check-up on a specific performance issue to apply the best setting to meet your needs.
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