PwC’s Tax Provision and Reporting Solution steps up tax accounting and reporting cycle performance

Fully utilizing the strengths of CCH Tagetik combined with PwC’s deep tax accounting and reporting knowledge, PwC’s Tax Provision and Reporting Solution is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your corporate tax accounting and reporting cycle. Its functionality for corporate tax provision and reporting is complemented by country-by-country reporting (CbCR) and strategic management insights for tax.

The app is available as a basic CCH Tagetik configuration starter kit (for Non-US markets), but is customizable according to your needs, and makes full use of CCH Tagetik’s capabilities, for seamless integration between finance and tax.

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3 reasons why the PwC Tax Provision and Reporting Solution lets you focus on business

Automated tax computation schedules

PwC Tax Provision and Reporting Solution combines deep knowledge and seamless integration, bringing numerous benefits, including these:

  • Seamless integration of data throughout CFO area
  • Reduction in data handling by up to 90%
  • Increase data quality and consistency
  • Modular approach is responsive to specific needs
  • Dashboarding & visualizations for tax management
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Full tax accounting module

Leverage PwC’s deep domain knowledge with these key capabilities: full tax accounting, current and deferred tax, ETR reconciliation, loss compensation schedule plus strategic tax management with dashboards and visualizations.

  • Book-to-tax differences by B/S item
  • Current taxable profit with exemptions and credits
  • Automated deferred tax schedule (DTA/DTL)
  • Automated ETR reconciliation schedule
  • Maintain overview of tax losses and credits
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