Get AI in CCH Tagetik so your team can focus on what matters most.
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Unprecedented efficiency. Powerful insights. Pinpoint accuracy. AI in CCH Tagetik is the ultimate assistant to finance teams.
When put to task, our AI takes care of repetitive work for you. It completes time-consuming manual processes and identifies trends from deep within your universe of enterprise data. When you need direction, the best path forward is crystal clear.

To keep you in control, our AI doesn’t gatekeep. Its glass box approach gives you the authority to check, vet, and accept the AI’s work. Your AI assistant completes finance, operations, ESG, and tax tasks — while keeping you in charge.

Finance teams can use AI to overcome common data challenges

AI in CCH Tagetik makes sense of large volumes of raw data while automating time-consuming repetitive processes. When leadership needs direction – fast – our AI shows you the best path forward.

Finance's challenges

AI's solutions

Continue to discover the full potential of AI

Empower yourself with expert insights and master AI with ease

Artificial Intelligence promises to improve the way finance teams operate and enrich corporate performance outcomes. Learn how to take advantage of AI from experts.

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Embrace AI as an ally

Give finance a helping hand.

AI can be the ultimate assistant to finance, giving teams time and information when they need it most. Machine-powered data discovery provides access to trends that are undiscoverable via spreadsheets or traditional statistical methods. Plus, AI can handle grunt work, like data collection, data mapping, and outlier detection, so your team can focus on higher-value tasks.

Turn data challenges into opportunities with AI in CCH Tagetik

The AI in CCH Tagetik intelligently automates repetitive tasks and unlocks performance insights.

Leverage leading-edge AI

AI in CCH Tagetik uses machine learning (ML), generative AI (GenAI), large language models (LLM), and natural language processing (NLP)
to support critical CPM processes.

  • Data management

    AI powered data collection instantly maps data and alerts you to anomalies. Our AI explains its findings, giving you the context surrounding the AI-generated results.
  • Forecasting

    Generate predictive plans instantly and with greater accuracy than standard planning tools. 
  • Reporting and analytics

    Generate intelligent analytics, reports, and visualize insights – instantly. CCH Tagetik Intelligent Analytics is a first-of-its-kind self-service reporting and analytics engine embedded in our CPM platform.

Have a CPM question? Our GenAI tool, Ask AI, has the answer.

With Ask AI, getting the information you need to make a critical strategic decision is as simple as asking your CPM solution a question. From a simple query, Ask AI mines your performance data for the answer and provides you with a result, illustrated as a chart, dashboard, table, or graph.

Join us as we revolutionize finance with AI.

Data collection, anomaly detection, predictive planning, driver-based planning, analytics, and more —
learn how AI in CCH Tagetik can give your finance team
a helping hand.

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