Embrace uncertainty with CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning for demand planning

Meet demand at a profit. CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning for demand planning gives you a consolidated view of demand across facilities, product families, and LoBs. From this vantage point, you can factor in promotions, advertising and new products to create accurate forecasts that will instantly update when strategies change.

For precision when planning product launches, replacements, or phase-outs, forecasts are intelligently enriched with trends, seasonality, and historical data patterns. Our AI-based predictive plans mitigate risk and give you early insight into emerging patterns. You’ll know what customers want before they do.

CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning connects demand, inventory, supply, production, S&OP and financials for truly integrated business planning that aligns the entire supply chain and produces resilient, accurate plans. 

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3 reasons CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning for demand planning lets you focus on your business

Le storie dei nostri clienti
  • Natrol LLC
  • Concord Foods
  • Skullcandy
[CCH Tagetik] is a premier forecasting tool for businesses of all sizes. The data flexibility, reporting tools, continuous support is why we chose [CCH Tagetik] over other software solutions.
Chris Patterson
The biggest improvement that we’ve seen [since implementing CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning]...is our ability to talk real-time throughout the organization and really mitigate any risk.
Jen Moore
[CCH Tagetik] has enabled Skullcandy to be more automated and calculated with our Demand Planning. The usability and thorough on-boarding and configuration process offered by [CCH Tagetik] enabled us to completely migrate from our historical software very quickly.
Ana Rodriguez

Key capabilities

Prepare for unexpected changes in demand. Our demand planning solution equips planners across departments with the tools to align supply chain decision making while producing resilient and accurate demand plans.

  • Plan your way with top-down and bottom-up planning
  • Go beyond planning with demand optimization and analysis
  • View full impact with integrated demand-supply planning
  • Perform probabilistic planning with risk-adjusted forecasts
  • Collaborate via a configurable workflow and audit trail
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Key benefits

Analyze cross-team data. Account for exceptions. Deliver resilient forecasts with more certainty. All planners across the supply chain benefit from dynamic real-time planning and best-in-class operational performance.

  • Get more accurate forecasts
  • Gain the early insight to close planning gaps
  • Share, tag, and comment to share insights
  • Optimize outcomes and adapt to change
  • Improve service level, revenues, and customer satisfaction
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Transforming Supply Chain Planning at Hastings Deering with CCH® Tagetik

Transforming supply chain planning at Hastings Deering with CCH® Tagetik

Discover how CCH Tagetik empowered Hastings Deering's growth journey with its supply chain planning solution.

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CCH Tagetik's Supply Chain Planning for Demand Planning is trusted by leading companies across all industries.
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