Hit the stock sweet spot with CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning for inventory optimization

Have the right product in the right place at the right time. CCH Tagetik for Supply Chain Planning for multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) is our AI-based solution that enables you to balance inventories across your entire network without over or understocking product.   

Instantly run inventory scenarios and determine the optimal levels across your distribution network while considering interdependencies between echelons. For more profitable margins, our AI and calculation engine gives you the certainty that every warehouse has optimal inventory and a precise threshold for re-order levels.   

CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning connects demand, inventory, supply, production, S&OP and financials for true integrated business planning that aligns the entire supply chain and produces resilient, accurate plans. 

3 reasons CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning for inventory optimization let's you focus on your business

Le storie dei nostri clienti
  • Fountain Tire
  • Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Pty Ltd
  • Charles River
When COVID hit, we were able to push portfolio wide forecast adjustments to the most granular level overnight.  Adjustments that used to take weeks manually, were done in real-time, so that everyone from the leadership team driving the business to the inventory analysts placing orders were all driving on the same road and executing together.
Ken Miller
[CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning] has exceeded our expectations from the start. The implementation project ran smoothly and the system provides real benefit through workflow efficiency and forecast accuracy.
Andrew Perry
By incorporating an AI-driven, data enriched model, we not only reduced back orders relative to the prior year, but also met the great COVID-19 increase in demand, enabling vaccines to be safely distributed while not delaying the vaccine supply chain.
Jody Rogers

Key capabilities

Always in stock. Our intelligent MEIO solution helps you walk the thin line between too much and not enough, even when demand abruptly changes or when supply scenarios occur.

  • Easily manage BOMs with many parts and complex logic 
  • AI auto-assigns inventory strategies for new products  
  • Run what-if scenarios with different inventory strategies 
  • Model lead-time uncertainty 
  • Calculate precise safety stock using true lead-time 
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Key benefits

Automate the inventory planning process. Use artificial intelligence and automation to quickly produce inventory plans that optimize profit while meeting demand.

  • Optimize inventory strategies across the entire network
  • Model with different inventory strategies
  • See inventory reductions of 10-30% or more
  • Increase service levels while cutting inventory
  • Minimize investment while elevating service levels
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CCH Tagetik's Supply Chain Planning for inventory optimization is trusted by leading companies across all industries. 
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Optimize resources. Avoid stock outs. Anticipate orders.
Supply Chain Planning
Align the supply chain. Balance supply and demand. Collaborate across functions.
Predictive Intelligence
Previsioni attendibili. Insight spiegabili. Decisioni informate.
Budgeting, Pianificazione & Forecasting
Connetti finanza e operatività. Pianifica con più efficacia. Gestisci meglio. Agisci più velocemente.

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