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The challenge

How can you optimize your mission critical processes?

How can you optimize your mission critical processes? Only when you understand your major hazards and what critical barriers and controls can affect your business, will you be able to optimize your mission critical processes.

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The solution

Barrier management

Optimize your mission critical processes from a barrier based risk management perspective. Barrier management is a way to look at your normal operations from a risk perspective using the bowtie method.

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Risk based audit inspection
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How does it work?

Operational excellence

Barrier management is looking to your core processes from a risk perspective to understand what can cause disruptions. The bowtie method has been used for many years in all sorts of hazardous industries.

If you understand what can influence your mission critical process, then you can also meet your business objectives.

Being in control of your normal operations means: working more efficiently, working more safely, comply with rules and regulations, producing with a better quality, preventing incidents and accidents and minimize non-production time.

barrier management
barrier management

Avoid process disruptions, incidents and accidents

Understand what your major hazards and critical barriers or controls are, and how they can be measured.

Manage these critical barriers by using existing data to see if you are ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable) or ‘safe to operate’.

Utilize your valuable resources

When you understand what your major hazards and critical barriers or controls are, then you can also manage these hazards and barriers in a risk-based manner. The bowtie method shows you what is important, what is redundant and where there are gaps.

This means knowing exactly where to focus your attention, money, time and people.

barrier management

The software features making it possible

The features in BowTieXP used for this solution:

  • color code critical barriers
  • proactive and reactive barrier data
  • visual risk assessment
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