Deliver the true-to-life clinical training students need in a safe, realistic virtual environment with the leading nursing simulation solution.

Provide realistic exposure to the full spectrum of today’s professional nursing experience.

vSim for Nursing | Advanced Medical-Surgical/Critical Care puts students on the front lines of contemporary nursing to familiarize students with a wide array of populations, themes, and environments, including:

  • Representation of nonbinary population
  • Representation of patients with obesity
  • Coverage of multiple advanced medical-surgical environments
  • Coverage of multiple themes (e.g., patient with COVID-19).

Challenge students to think like nurses.

As they work through vSim’s complex scenarios, students gain valuable experience and master critical capacities for nursing practice.

Learning objectives throughout challenge students to:

  • Analyze relevant clinical data from multiple data sources
  • Respond to complex care needs with implementation of multiple treatment interventions and treatment orders
  • Recognize early trends and changes in clinical data
  • Apply the nursing process to medication administration for a patient with complex treatment plans.

Case-specific objectives cultivate students’ proficiency in:

  • Generating a plan that contributes to the interprofessional management of a patient with complex care needs
  • Managing care for patients with multiple medical diagnoses and/or comorbidities
  • Evaluating interventions and treatment plans in collaboration with the interprofessional team
  • Delegating interventions in collaboration with healthcare team members to support patients with complex care needs
  • Transferring information and/or responsibility to intra- and interprofessional team members to support patients with complex care needs
  • Prioritizing multiple interventions and treatment care orders
  • Communicating with patients and families to provide education and support related to complex care needs
  • Advocating for and implementing interventions that address psychosocial needs of patients with complex care needs.

Deliver the highest medical fidelity available.

Benefitting from the medical fidelity only the next gen of vSim provides, students engage directly with enhanced 3D patients and react to unfolding visual and audio responses such as pain, paleness, diaphoresis, and more. By experiencing immediate, lifelike, authentic responses to patient-centered care, students learn to recognize cues and make informed clinical decisions, developing the clinical judgment they’ll depend on in actual clinical environments.

Lifelike patient scenarios in vSim® for Nursing | Advanced Medical-Surgical/Critical Care include:

  • View Patient Scenarios
    BRANDON SHARP Spinal Cord Injury
    Environment: Subacute Rehabilitation Unit
    Themes: Early recognition, rapid response, delegation, prioritization

    WILLIAM EDWARDS Acute Ischemic Stroke
    Environment: Emergency Department
    Themes: Early recognition, rapid response, complex data analysis, delegation (transfer of care or information)

    LILING ZHAO Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator 
    Environment: Emergency Department
    Themes: Communication with patient

    CHARLES JONES Acute Decompensated Heart Failure 
    Environment: Intensive Care Unit
    Themes: Evaluating ongoing care

    TONY WALLACE Sickle Cell Crisis 
    Environment: Medical-Surgical Unit 
    Themes: Communication, COVID-19

    RAMESH PAHEL Kidney Stones 
    Environment: Emergency Department
    Themes: Communication

    VALERIE CUCINA Gastrointestinal Bleeding
    Environment: Intermediate Care Unit
    Themes: Generates solutions—interprofessional management of a patient with complex care needs, communication

    MARIA GONZALES Gallstone Pancreatitis 
    Environment: Intermediate Care Unit 
    Themes: Managing care

    RUTH LIVINGSTON Hip Fracture 
    Environment: Orthopedic Surgical Unit 
    Themes: Rapid response, prioritization

    DALE MAY Hepatic Cirrhosis 
    Environment: Oncology Unit
    Themes: Communication, psychosocial
  • Key features and benefits
    Foster superior clinical communication skills.
    Featuring a built-in SBAR (Situation Background Assessment Recommendation) tool at the start and conclusion of each patient scenario, vSim® empowers students to practice communicating effectively with colleagues and improve the quality of patient handovers.

    Realistic spoken reports preceding each patient scenario strengthen active listening skills and challenge students to exercise judgment and prioritize factors affecting patient treatment. SBAR handovers at the end of each patient scenario engage students in select-all-that-apply exercises where students decide which information to include in their SBAR, improving their interprofessional communication skills. 

    Enhance clinical judgment in a safe, realistic environment. 
    By providing the opportunity to interact with patients virtually, vSim® for Nursing | Advanced Medical-Surgical/Critical Care challenges students to identify cues, interpret information, and determine, prioritize, and take appropriate nursing actions before reevaluating as needed, building clinical confidence and competence in a safe, realistic environment.  

    Meet students where they are in a seamless learning experience.
    vSim for Nursing | Advanced Medical-Surgical/Critical Care is easy to navigate across multiple operating systems and devices, providing a streamlined user experience including tool tips, high-quality graphics, and search capability whenever, wherever students need it. With full support on tablet devices through the vSim for Nursing app, students and instructors can access the full powerful simulation learning experience of vSim for Nursing anytime, anywhere. 

    Master Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) precautions for known or suspected transmission-based infection.
    Research demonstrates that inadequate education and training can significantly impact compliance with PPE recommendations. Through a vSim mini-game, students practice choosing what PPE will reduce their likelihood of transmission-based infection and receive immediate feedback on their answer choices. 
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