Ensure your NCLEX prep and curriculum are aligned with the Next Gen NCLEX® with Lippincott® Ready for NCLEX

Students who are prepared for practice are ready for the Next-Gen NCLEX. Our nursing education solutions have always blended the right opportunities for learners to acquire knowledge, build clinical skills, engage, and measure their progress — all at their own pace.

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Now Lippincott® + NurseTim® + NurseThink® have come together to give your students everything they need to prepare and pass the Next Generation NCLEX

A one-stop shop for NCLEX readiness

Lippincott Ready for NCLEX-RN® includes all the tools you need to ensure your students are being measured on their clinical-based thinking, starting day one of nursing school:

  • Clinical Judgment Foundations — Standardized subject area exams to ensure your students have mastered the content necessary to progress:
    • Specialty-focused exams covering from 7 to 14 subject areas, so you can assess your students’ clinical judgment.
    • Each subject area has two nationally benchmarked exams that allow you to assess your students against other nursing students nationwide.
    • Each subject area also has a question library of secure questions that can be assigned for extra clinical judgment practice in a custom assessment and a practice exam with the same high-quality questions.
  • Clinical Judgment Readiness — two benchmarked NCLEX readiness exams with predictive validity against the Next Gen NCLEX and an additional practice exam. Our psychometrically validated exams are reviewed by nurse clinicians and are based on the Clinical Judgment Measurement Model.
  • A fully adaptive, personalized NCLEX experience powered by Lippincott® PassPoint including:
    • Mastery level quizzing for a full curriculum review
    • Adaptive practice exams so students can build endurance and get an NCLEX-like experience
    • Lippincott® Solutions practice-oriented remediation
  • Categorized reporting enables faculty to see an overview of all exams and drill into assignments and student results to help identify students’ areas of opportunity with categories that include NCLEX Client Needs and related content categories, CJMM, Nursing Process, Nursing Concept, Exemplar, System, and QSEN.
  • NCLEX Conceptual Review Guide — an eBook with immersive clinical scenarios and Next Gen learning tools
  • The option to combine our digital solutions with our one-of-a-kind PreView and ReView courses will ensure your nurses are ready to succeed on the NCLEX® and in practice; your choice of in-person or virtual sessions help students learn to synthesize key concepts by working through patient care scenarios.
  • Integration with popular LMS systems

A student who scores 70% or higher on the Lippincott®/NurseThink® Clinical Judgment RN Readiness Exam has a 99% probability of passing the NCLEX on the first try

We are the first expert solutions provider since the introduction of the Next Gen NCLEX to have a validated NCLEX predictor test.

Are you ready to improve your students’ clinical judgment skills, prepare them for the NCLEX®, and ensure they are practice ready?

Contact us for a demo of Lippincott Ready for NCLEX-RN today and request the full efficacy report.

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