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On the front line of NCLEX® success
Learn more about Lippincott PassPoint, an online, adaptive NCLEX preparation solution. PassPoint uses formative assessment and adaptive learning and testing to create the most authentic practice environment for students getting ready for the NCLEX.

Wolters Kluwer has proven results showing NCLEX pass rates of students using Lippincott PassPoint to prepare are 93.7%, more than 7% higher than national averages.*

*U.S. average national pass rate during a three year study.
We’re the only adaptive NCLEX prep simulation

Lippincott PassPoint is the only online solution that provides students with the opportunity to take practice quizzes in individual client needs AND to simulate the actual NCLEX. Both experiences are adaptive—just like the actual exam, they customize students’ pathways through the curriculum and provide a personalized, technology-enabled, and data-informed approach to learning. And guess what? Students LOVE PassPoint! Because it provides the most authentic NCLEX practice experience out there, students say they’re much less nervous and a lot more confident for test day. What’s more—it’s available on any digital device.

  • Arkansas State University
There’s no comparison. PassPoint is the best product I have ever used.
Susan Snellgrove, PhD, APN
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It’s more than the NCLEX; it’s becoming a nurse

One of our commitments is to help ensure that nurses graduate with the strong clinical judgment skills that health care providers seek. In addition to helping students pass the NCLEX, Lippincott PassPoint also prepares your students to succeed in practice settings through exposure to real-world competencies and procedures.

Here’s how!

SmartSense links take students directly to content from both Lippincott Procedures and Lippincott Advisor, which provides exposure to detailed entries on diseases and conditions, procedures, signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments, and hospital-acquired conditions.

By linking NCLEX-style questions and rationales directly to evidence-based clinical information found in Procedures and Advisor products, PassPoint helps students learn to critically think through situations using evidence-based content being used by thousands of practicing nurses nationwide.

This connection forged between quizzing and evidence-based clinical experiences engages the students, enabling them to make the best possible choices for passing the NCLEX and providing safe and effective patient care.

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The NCSBN will make modifications to both the NCLEX-RN® and NCLEX-PN® parameters as of October 1, 2020:

  • The exam has a shortened time limit of five hours.
  • The minimum number of true test items is 60.
  • The maximum number of true test items is 130.
  • 15 pretest items will be reintroduced so minimum length exam is 75 items and max is 145 items with these questions included.
  • The difficulty level and passing standard is unchanged.
  • The current Run Out of Time (root) scoring rule is no longer applicable. The final ability estimate is computed from the response to all completed items. Those scoring above the passing standard will have a passing exam, otherwise the exam will be scored as a fail.
  • For NCLEX-RN®, the voluntary NGN Special Research Section will be reintroduced.

Lippincott® PassPoint can mimic these test parameters to help students practice for this modified exam.

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