Adaptive, personalized, and ready for the Next Generation NCLEX®

The most anticipated NCSBN NGN Test Plan — the Next Generation NCLEX® — has been released and nurse educators are assessing how they can quickly and most effectively prepare students for the new test format set to launch in April 2023.

With Lippincott® PassPoint, you can boost test-taking confidence while delivering personalized and unlimited NCLEX® practice to promote student success. Fully updated for the NGN, PassPoint includes case studies and new item types to allow practice of clinical judgment-style questions.

Through practice and clinically oriented remediation, PassPoint allows for:

Endurance building

Unlimited quizzing and NCLEX-style exams improve student awareness and stamina in a low-stakes environment.

Mastery measurement

Adapts and grows incrementally more challenging as students demonstrate increased comprehension.

Support for all students

Driven by performance data, PassPoint helps faculty identify at-risk students early by providing a pathway for addressing misconceptions well before high-stakes exams, while also providing students with just-in-time remediation during practice.

For additional NCLEX® preparation resources, visit Lippincott Clinical Judgment to learn how we promote clinical judgment skill-building to help nursing education institutions and their students prepare for and pass the Next Generation NCLEX.

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Build confidence and endurance

Generally, when students are fully prepared, they go into exams with greater confidence and less stress. Unlimited quizzes and practice exams also build essential endurance for the NGN exam.

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Help reverse falling NCLEX pass rates

NCLEX pass rates dropped during 2021, from 88% to 79% for BSN programs and from 82% to 65% for Associate programs. Students using PassPoint have first-time pass rates 8% higher than national averages.

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Demonstrate clinical judgment

Students can build and rehearse their clinical judgment skills with PassPoint’s updated NGN-style case studies and item types that are designed to challenge critical thinking and decision-making.

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Look beyond the test

Nursing graduates must be competent nurses ready for practice after passing the NCLEX. PassPoint guides students to apply their knowledge, think critically, and make evidence-based decisions.

Transform NCLEX® preparation with Lippincott® PassPoint

By blending trusted content with time-tested technology, Lippincott® connects nursing education with today's nursing transformation. PassPoint meets students at the final step of their nursing education as they focus on NCLEX preparation.
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Become familiar with exam measurement

Assign adaptive comprehensive exams across a mix of client needs, nursing concepts, and activity statements with NGN-style item types. Students practice with cases across the clinical judgment measurement model and are challenged to make decisions based on the data provided.

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Prepare students for success beyond the classroom

Prepare students to succeed in practice settings through exposure to real-world competencies and procedures. Case studies challenge students to demonstrate that they can apply their knowledge to make solid, evidence-based decisions.

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Learn with the latest evidence-based content

With thousands of questions, PassPoint includes more evidence-based content than any other product. PassPoint links directly to content from Lippincott® Procedures and Lippincott® Advisor, giving students access to clinical decision support tools used in practice and step-by-step instructions for clinical skills and competencies.

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Boost knowledge retention

Recommend spaced learning and just-in-time remediation to help students master topics while consolidating information into long-term memory. With PassPoint, instructors can create question collections by nursing topics, client needs, nursing concepts, or other filters, then assign adaptive quizzes and exams.

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Identify student knowledge gaps

Assign a Mastery Level in an adaptive exam and identify class-wide knowledge gaps so you can facilitate just-in-time remediation. Ensure individual students receive remediation links to practice-quality tools and evidence-based content to correct misunderstandings and reroute wrong conclusions to correct ones.

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Assess for learning, not evaluation

Unlike other NCLEX prep solutions, PassPoint uses the learning strategy of retrieval practice, or testing to learn. PassPoint is a measurement tool to reflect learning and rebuild knowledge lost in the intensity of nursing school.

Customizable question collections for quizzes and exams

Guide NCLEX preparation by building unlimited exams for your students by choosing — and incorporating — NGN-style items for a realistic NCLEX rehearsal. Adaptive quizzing fills the learning gaps from the exam results.

Authentic NGN-style case studies

Prescribe a 6-part case study series to help students practice analyzing cues, prioritizing, taking action, and evaluating outcomes — all the skills that make up clinical judgment. Students practice critical thinking via patient scenarios that evolve over time. PassPoint’s practice exams adjust difficulty with each question, depending on students’ answers.

Evidence-based content and just-in-time remediation

Answer keys within PassPoint remediate to evidence-based, point-of-care content in Lippincott® Advisor and Lippincott® Procedures the moment students don’t understand something. This detailed feedback explains why answers are correct or incorrect, helping students master topics and avoid retaining incorrect knowledge.

Low-stakes practice for a high-stakes exam

In PassPoint, students can practice through instructor-assigned exams or create their own question collections, quiz, or exam length to practice unlimited ways. Students can also use spaced learning to improve retention while demonstrating true understanding.

  • Lake Superior College
We wanted a more active learning model that bridges clinical and classroom…Using the Lippincott nursing education suite, our NCLEX pass rates rose from 75% to 92% [as of 2020]. And we’re giving students what they need in real-world practice.
Jacqueline Semaan, MSN, CHSE, RNC-LRN

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