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At Lippincott®, we're devoted to fostering the advancement of your nursing students. Our expert team of nursing education professionals is invested in meticulous research to provide you with content that raises the bar for your nursing education curriculum.

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Lippincott NCLEX® efficacy

Our most recent efficacy research in nursing education is crucial to understanding how we support academic excellence, NCLEX® pass rate improvement, and preparing students for practice. We offer evidence-based practices and data-driven insights to empower nursing education leaders to create effective programs that meet accreditation standards and address evolving student needs. Register now to unlock your access to our new Clinical Judgement Exam for Registered Nurses - Readiness (CJE-RN) whitepaper and Lippincott Nursing Education Consensus Reports.

Clinical Judgment Exam for Registered Nurses - Readiness (CJE-RN Readiness) whitepaper

The evolving landscape of the NCLEX is intricately connected to advancements in healthcare practices, regulatory frameworks, technology integration, and educational standards. As these elements progress, the NCSBN implements corresponding changes in the NCLEX. Learn how we developed the new Clinical Judgment Readiness Exam for registered nurses to stay consistent with these advances, and the outcome of this process in terms of exam reliability.

Lippincott Nursing Education Consensus Reports - vital resources for your nursing program

Our Consensus Reports offer a synthesized perspective on the most pressing topics in the field of nursing education. The reports are meticulously curated to facilitate curriculum development that reflects current best practices and robust accreditation compliance.

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PassPoint's impact on NCLEX-RN results
Learn how Lippincott® PassPoint’s prepared 70 BSN program students for the NCLEX-RN® with its personalized study plans and quizzes.
Next Generation NCLEX® efficacy
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