With CoursePoint+, learners get the evidence-based foundation to build clinical judgment

CoursePoint+ and the solutions that power its integrated experience have been at the center of digital learning for more than a decade, making them the most widely used and trusted solutions in nursing education. Combining time-tested technology, expert-authored content, and in-depth reporting, CoursePoint+ is the choice for students and instructors.
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Over 1,500 active programs

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Over 1 million students supported

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Over 3 billion PrepU questions graded

A multimodal learning environment tailored to the abilities and pace of individual learners
The Lippincott nursing education suite gives you the flexibility to easily tailor the solutions to your course, program, or curriculum. With evidence-based eTexts, the power of CoursePoint+ digital learning platform, and multimedia learning resources, we ensure consistency as students progress along the learning journey. At every stage, you’ll have the latest evidence-based digital and text course materials, interactive learning, and Next-Generation NCLEX prep and remediation. Gain insight on each student’s progress toward developing mastery and clinical judgment.

Nursing education today. A successful transition to practice tomorrow.

Students are the center of learning and learning is best achieved by actively doing. That’s why our solutions blend opportunities for learners to acquire knowledge, engage, and measure their progress – all at their own pace. With CoursePoint+, learners can confidently transition to being empowered, practice-ready, and clinically competent nurses.

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Elevated learning

Supports the delivery of videos, case studies, and multimedia resources helping students strengthen clinical judgment and prepare for the demands of clinical practice.
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Experiential learning

Students learn by doing. CoursePoint+ gives students the opportunities to actively practice, assess, measure, and master the skills necessary to be practice-ready.
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Empowered learning

From actionable insights to adaptive learning powered by PrepU, CoursePoint+ delivers a personalized learning experience targeted to students’ abilities.
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Engaged learning

The most widely used solution in nursing education keeping learners engaged through a unique blend of evidence-based content and true-to-life practice.

Learn how CoursePoint+ supports students’ learning journey across nursing programs

Available across 20+ nursing education course areas, CoursePoint+ is the most flexible digital learning environment. With content tailored for each type of nursing program – and for the full nursing curriculum – CoursePoint+ can be tailored to the phase or stage of the learning journey.

The solution most trusted by instructors and nurse educators from leading nursing schools

  • Notre Dame of Maryland University
  • CiTi BOCES
  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • Shoreline Community College
All the textbooks needed to be online, and we needed to give our students access to clinical resources. CoursePoint+ and vSim were our best options. We love everything about it. The students get into the virtual simulations. They’re good for teaching critical thinking, and lead to rich conversations.
Deborah Naccarini, DNP, RN, CNE 
We chose Lippincott CoursePoint+ to help our faculty build lessons that engage students so that they level up. Our NCLEX pass rate jumped from 65.22 to 95.83 after our first full year with Lippincott, so I’m a firm believer in what CoursePoint+ can do. I’ve seen the payoff.
Elizabeth Rice, BSN RN
The vSims in CoursePoint+ help the student ‘care for’ patients they may not all be able to see … the transfusion reaction is awesome, for students are not allowed to hang or monitor blood infusions while in clinical, so they may never have this opportunity otherwise.
Mary Beth Reid, PhD, RN, CNE, CNS, CCRN, CEN
Even before COVID-19, we were losing clinical sites for our students and competing with all the other nearby nursing programs for space. Then when COVID hit, we had to do something—fast. Within three weeks, we rolled out CoursePoint+ and vSim.
Prof. Mary Burroughs, MSN, RN, CNE

CoursePoint+ is designed to keep the next generation of nurse learners engaged and ready for a successful transition to practice

Where Next Generation NCLEX readiness starts

Lippincott is your trusted partner for NGN-ready solutions. Our solutions strengthen preparation so students are progressively building clinical judgment skills — right from the first day of class and throughout the curriculum.

Expose students to NGN-style questions

Powered by Lippincott PrepU, Lippincott CoursePoint provides everything from bow-ties and trends to case studies and quizzes, helping students build endurance and confidence through thousands of NGN-style questions.


Provide a platform approach for learners

Provide a motivating and engaging learning environment outside the classroom with seamlessly integrated eBooks, evidence-based tools, and interactive digital learning solutions.

Practice recognizing cues with case studies

CoursePoint+ challenges students to identify cues, interpret information, and take appropriate actions through realistic simulations. Reinforced with NGN-style post-simulation quizzes that resemble the NGN case format.

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Leverage expert-authored content

Provide students with trusted, up-to-date comprehensive content, written by highly regarded authors who understand that the nursing process is paramount in the development of practice-ready nurses.

“Best Higher Education Remote Learning Partner”

“Best Formative Assessment Solution”

“Best Student Experience”

“Best Personalized Learning Solution”

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