The market leader in UCC, vehicle title, and real property documentation management

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We deliver matchless expertise

Lien Solutions is the nation’s leading lien services partner. Our unmatched depth of knowledge, drawn from 30 years of industry leadership, allows us to tailor solutions to your business needs.

We are experts in our field and use our in-depth knowledge to monitor, minimize, and manage risk for our clients, giving them peace of mind and the ability to do business with confidence.

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We create powerful simplicity

Day in and day out, we work to bring our customers sophisticated, yet easy-to-use technology and services that help ensure accuracy and streamline complex processes.

We take creative approaches to solve clients’ unique problems, seeking to offer solutions that simplify and automate their complex internal processes.

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We are indispensable partners

We place a premium on being responsive and professional, and we get you the answer you need, when you need it.

As a relationship-oriented service company, we are aware of, anticipate, and take interest in our customers’ needs, then respond to the requests promptly and thoroughly.

Lien Management system
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An unparalleled set of capabilities to enhance your lien operations

Lenders that file UCCs to secure loans face pressure to optimize their secured lending processes, to mitigate risk to their lien portfolio, and to enhance their documentation and reporting capabilities. The right partner and technology can help overcome common challenges to securing assets. 

See how we can help your lending operations. 

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