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At Wolters Kluwer, we understand that preparing tomorrow’s nursing workforce starts with a student’s very first course and continues throughout their education journey. That’s why our comprehensive online Fundamentals and Skills Suite delivers a robust set of essential skills for student nurses and meets their needs throughout the curriculum and in preparation for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN).

Easily integrated into your curriculum, the suite engages students with interactive case studies, videos, and adaptive learning tools and simplifies instruction with the continuity and consistency of the Taylor teaching approach.

From content on Social Determinants of Health, health equity, and person-centered care to care priorities of LGBTQIA+ patients, the titles are regularly updated and revised with the latest evidence-based practice to keep tomorrow’s nurses at the forefront of today’s changing healthcare environment.

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A single solution for Fundamentals and Skills
Hear from one of the co-authors, Jennifer L. Bartlett, PhD, RN-BC, CNE, CHSE, an associate professor at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia, as she describes her role and the teaching philosophy that underscores the Clinical Nursing Skills videos she recently helped to develop and create.

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The Taylor team keeps content current and relevant to today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, new competency-based guidelines, and NGN testing requirements — all with an eye toward teaching the art and science of nursing.

A note from the authors
“As experienced nurse clinicians and educators, we wanted to be uniquely thoughtful about preparing the 10th Edition of Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care and the 6th Edition of Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills…We are hopeful that you will continue to trust us to help you begin the professional identity formation of your students.”
- The Taylor author team

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Books by the same expert authors. Integrated across the nursing curriculum. Delivered through our CoursePoint+ for Fundamentals and Lippincott Skills® for Nursing Education digital learning solutions.

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Trusted by instructors and preferred by students, Taylor-authored content is proven, approachable, and part of a complete solution, preparing students with the highest level of scientific knowledge and technological skills combined with responsible, caring practice. The Taylor author team revises the Fundamentals book, Skills book, and videos at the same time, ensuring consistency, content accuracy, and adaptability to all learning styles. These integrated resources are a combination for student — and instructor — success.

Released in October 2022, Lynn: Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills, 6th Edition, helps nursing students and graduate nurses confidently incorporate cognitive, technical, interpersonal, and ethical/legal skills into safe and effective patient care. This engaging resource is rich with nearly 1,000 photographs, providing step-by-step guidance through essential skills presented in context with the nursing process. Fully updated in 2022, the text contains a thoughtful person-centered practice model and discusses blended competencies, gives expanded clinical judgment coverage, offers integrated case studies, and includes updates on social determinants of health and health equity.

  • Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills, 6th Edition
  • Skill Checklists for Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills, 6th Edition

Highly regarded as the leading book title for first-year nursing students, Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care, 10th Edition, is a complete update, with new and expanded content that reflects the rapidly changing healthcare environment, focusing on building clinical judgment skills and promoting nursing as evolving art and science.

  • Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care, 10th Edition
  • Study Guide for Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care, 10th Edition
  • Skill Checklists for Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care, 10th Edition
The Taylor suite, combined with Lippincott CoursePoint+ for Fundamentals and Lippincott Skills for Nursing Education, provides a single destination for learning with thoughtful integration of world-class digital course content. The suite gives students a fully integrated learning environment that bridges from the classroom to what they will experience in practice. A student-friendly learning experience is backed by dynamic tools that motivate students and monitor preparedness and skill competency.
Our solutions allow you to easily map out your entire course, provide personalized student remediation, and simulate real-world nursing scenarios involving patients mentioned in vignettes in the text, giving your students unparalleled preparation for clinical practice.
NGN-ready nursing education solutions
Discover how CoursePoint+ is NGN-ready.
Lippincott CoursePoint+ is NGN-ready with mastery-level quizzing in the adaptive Lippincott® PrepU, the practice-and-learn case studies, and vSim® for Nursing NGN questions.

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