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New BARC study “The state of ESG & Sustainability Reporting – Challenges, tools and outlook”

ESG - Environmental Social Governance - is currently occupying organizations in all industries because it means much more than just implementing a few environmental protection guidelines. ESG regulatory touches numerous aspects and areas within companies and is now high on many managers’ agendas as ESG reporting is a major and resource-intensive challenge.

The new BARC study “The State of ESG & Sustainability Reporting – Challenges, Tools and Outlook” examines the major obstacles on the road to smooth and trusted ESG reporting and how leading organizations tackle these challenges, their motivation, approaches, and tools they use to ensure the flow of trusted data.

The study provides answers to key questions such as:

  • How important are ESG and sustainability reporting for organizations and what is their status in terms of implementation (organization, business, and technology)?

  • What objectives are companies pursuing around ESG and sustainability reporting, and what challenges do they encounter during implementation? 

  • How resource-intensive is the implementation of ESG reporting and which departments are responsible for it?

  • In which areas do organizations face the biggest challenges (data procurement, transparent preparation, calculations, comparability of data, etc.) and how do they solve them? 

  • Which software is used for ESG and sustainability reporting (from gathering data to disclosing results) and how do leading companies deploy it.

The BARC study particulary addresses ESG managers and process participants, Finance & Controlling and C-level management

Learn more by downloading the BARC Study!

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