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Explore our two suites of evidence-based, expert solutions consisting of UpToDate®, UpToDate® Lexidrug™ (formerly Lexicomp®), UpToDate Patient and Member Engagement (formerly Emmi®), and UpToDate Digital Architect.

“UpToDate's impact on the quality of care is impressive… [and] has become indispensable for professional practice. I do not perform any service without having UpToDate opened.” 

– Dr. Eduardo de Oliveira, Supervising Physician of Internal Medicine Residency, Grupo Hospitalar Conceição (GHC), Brazil 

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Three decades of UpToDate
For over 30 years, clinicians around the world have relied on UpToDate to answer key questions when it matters most - even when the evidence isn’t clear. Learn more about this legacy. 
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Clinical authors are the trusted foundation for generative AI adoption
A new survey shows physicians are optimistic about using Generative AI in healthcare clinical decision-making and patient care, but having a trusted content source is key to adoption.