Practice readiness starts day one of nursing school with Client Cases engagement

Lippincott® Client Cases for Clinical Judgment offers a comprehensive collection of Next Generation NCLEX® case studies for nursing education, featuring over 300 scenarios inspired by real-life encounters by practicing nurse educators. Echoing the complexities of actual patient care, these brief but complex case studies presented through unfolding EHR activities are designed to promote critical thinking and decision-making skills that are crucial for competent nursing practice. With its flexible design, educators can integrate these cases throughout the curriculum for various educational purposes, including homework, flipped classroom, in-class activities, clinical practice, and NCLEX® preparation or remediation. Assignability supports student accountability and opportunity to frequently practice thinking through interacting with patients.

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This tool is completely evidence based and ties directly to clinical environments. Learners and faculty every day of class, in every lab, after every day of clinical, and with exam remediation can use this tool to ensure that practice readiness is the primary focus starting day one of nursing school until the day they take NCLEX. Now fully assignable with a gradebook, instructors ensure their students are growing their clinical judgment mindset while fostering accountability.
Dr. Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN

Educators gain efficiency, flexibility, and student engagement


Utilize before, during, or after class, simulations, or clinicals without the need to write cases.

Start clinical judgment skills training

Prime critical thinking steps of the Clinical Judgment Measurement Model before simulations or patient interaction.

Broaden clinical experiences and prepare students

With over 300 diverse cases to assign, reduce clinical limitations by providing ample practice in visualizing patient care decisions.

Reflect and learn

Compare or contrast actual clinical experiences with related cases.

Remediation applications

During NCLEX preparation process after identifying student gaps in client needs, concepts, or exemplars.


  • Next Gen NCLEX-style quizzes include debriefing with rationales.
  • Unit census and comprehensive medication appendix
  • Assignable cases with randomized quizzes maintain academic integrity and encourage intentional repetition.
  • Integration into one Wolters Kluwer platform for a course or curriculum means one login, the ability to copy courses, adjustment of assignments, and much more.
  • LMS integration available.
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Watch a short demo and envision your students "taking care of a patient".

Ready to learn how Lippincott Client Cases for Clinical Judgment helps you prepare students from day one for competent and safe clinical practice?

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