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Demo: CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement

Learn how ProSystem fx Engagement enables you to manage, organize and prepare financial reports using powerful automation and reporting tools. 

Many know CCH ProSystem fx Engagement as the industry leader in public accounting. However, businesses and entities of various sizes, industries, and complexities have adapted this powerful software in their tax, accounting, and finance departments. 

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement combines the ability to manage, organize, and prepare supporting documentation and financial reports in a paperless binder with some of the most powerful automation and reporting tools for any tax, accounting, or finance related project. 

Join us to see the end-to-end workflow tool in action and learn how to:  

  • Electronically apply multi-level sign offs 
  • Manage Microsoft Office-based files in an electronic binder
  • Integrate seamlessly with tax and audit tools 
  • Automate workpaper and financial reporting preparation
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