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In today’s complex care environment, preparing practice-ready nurses can be challenging. Nursing educators are balancing the need to produce LPN/LVN practice-ready nurses with the challenges of teaching a diverse population of students — all while accommodating varying study skill abilities and the need to avoid cognitive overload.

The urgency of the LPN/LVN shortage (estimated to reach 1.2 million by 2030) demands proven nursing education and remediation solutions that help prepare students for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) – and transition to real-world clinical practice. But preparing LPN/LVN students comes with its own set of considerations for deans and faculty of nursing programs as they try to keep pace.

Time-stretched LPN/LVN nursing students need structure and guidance along their learning path with paced adaptive assignments so misconceptions can be captured in real time. And while every student deserves equal access to learning tools that have proven outcomes, instructors need flexible options to teach courses based on their own unique teaching styles.

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Improve student retention

The U.S. nursing program dropout rate is 20%. Keep students engaged with a personalized learning experience and simulations that enable Learning-By-Doing Practice. Ensure consistency and continuity of learning through the LPN/LVN curriculum.


Appeal to diverse learners

Provide strong student support for the unique characteristics of LPN/LVN learners who juggle life responsibilities with school. Deliver content that appeals to diverse learning styles and helps ensure students comprehend and retain information.


Foster clinical judgment

Provide the building blocks of the Next Generation NCLEX-PN®, strengthen clinical judgment skills, and prepare students for real-world practice, ensuring they learn and understand the nursing process that forms the foundation of practice.


Ensure workforce readiness

Studies report that most new nurse graduates are not prepared for practice. Ensure students are workforce-ready by exposing them to the evidence-based learning platforms they’ll use in clinical practice.

Discover how the Lippincott® suite can transform your LPN/LVN program

Access a suite of learning products that work together to ensure students get a personalized, adaptive learning experience along their journey so they can build clinical judgment using the latest next generation-style cases, apply what they've learned to testing and real-world clinical scenarios, and become practice-ready.

Find the content path for the way you teach

Whether you’re interested in a single textbook for your course or eBooks integrated with a robust digital platform to support a full curriculum – Lippincott delivers flexible options. Combine digital and text LPN course materials, interactive learning, NCLEX-PN practice and review content and tools, and dashboards to track student progress.

With Timby’s Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts, 12th Edition, prepare LPN/LVN students for success throughout their nursing education and into clinical practice with an approachable resource that gives students a solid foundation in theoretical nursing concepts, step-by-step skills and procedures, and clinical applications.

  • Filled with engaging learning tools that promote critical thinking, this new edition has been fully updated to reflect current medical and nursing practice and features visually engaging photos and illustrations that reinforce learning by bringing the information to life.
  • Organized by fundamental nursing concepts and skills to aid in teaching the Nursing process with Nursing Care Plans from a “real person”
  • Clinical skills focus taught with illustrations, checklists, and standard precautions and infection control guidelines from the Centers from Disease Control
  • Communication skills with clients and families emphasized with essential education tips
  • NCLEX-PN style review questions integrated to begin exposure early in the program

Approachable, comprehensive, and optimized for today’s visual learners, Timby’s Introductory Medical-Surgical Nursing, 13th Edition, clarifies the challenging field of medical-surgical nursing and gives LPN/LVN students the understanding and clinical judgment to deliver safe, effective patient care.

  • The updated 13th Edition Is known for its readability and visually appealing, engaging writing. Developing Clinical Judgment is emphasized with cases throughout and Concept Care Diagrams to explain the nursing process.
  • Gerontological considerations grouped at each chapter, providing emphasis on this client population

Developed by nurses for nurses, Introductory Clinical Pharmacology, 12th Edition, combines impeccably accurate drug information, an easy-to-read writing style, a practical nursing process approach, and powerful online resources to help students easily grasp challenging concepts and learn to confidently apply them in clinical practice.

  • This practice-oriented resource not only helps students understand drugs and their effects, but also teaches students to effectively relay information to patients.
  • Builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills for success on the NCLEX-PN® and in nursing practice with highlighted “stop and ponder” to examine learning retention
  • Presentation of drugs allows for easy option to integrate into a concepts-based curricula.
  • Look-Alike-Sound-Alike Alerts (LASA) added to each chapter to lessen confusion around drug names
  • Pharmacology in Practice cases updated and expanded

Created specifically for today’s LPN/LVN students, Introductory Maternity & Pediatric Nursing, 5th Edition, delivers clearly written, vibrantly illustrated, clinically relevant coverage of pregnancy, birth, and pediatrics to help students master key clinical and critical thinking skills and prepare for success on the NCLEX-PN® exam and in clinical practice.

  • Case studies introduced at the beginning of the chapter and revisited at the end provide discussion opportunities and critical thinking and decision-making development.
  • First-person narratives provide students with individual’s situations and their feelings about their experience, aiding in recognizing and analyzing cues.
  • Nursing Process and Care Plan updates provide practical application.

Written specifically for LPN/LVN students, Introductory Mental Health Nursing, 4th Edition, equips students for the challenges of modern mental health nursing with clear, direct, clinically relevant information reflecting the most up-to-date perspectives in the field.

  • Acclaimed text establishes essential groundwork then builds on fundamental concepts to instill a confident understanding of the delivery of mental healthcare, the nursing process and its relation to mental health, and the management of specific psychiatric disorders to prepare students for success from the classroom to the bedside.

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