Personalized learning doesn’t simply mean that each student sees different questions.

Personalized learning provided by adaptive quizzing and testing means that each student is receiving a completely unique experience, based on their own performance in the system and their own level of understanding.

Instructor benefits of Adaptive Learning, powered by PrepU

Get time back with your students

Students complete assignments and assess feedback in their own time, so instructors can work towards higher-level thinking in your collective time within the classroom.

More positive student results

Through Lippincott CoursePoint, powered by PrepU, you’ll see higher course success and NCLEX pass rates for the program and school as a whole. Bonus: Lippincott CoursePoint by PrepU is available across the nursing education curriculum for LPN and ADN/BSN programs, too.

Immediate and trusted answers

When students get a wrong answer while studying, PrepU points them to trusted content that explains and applies the correct answer—within the product and at the moment they don’t understand.

Identify and address weaknesses early on

Receive information earlier in the curriculum alerting you to students who may not understand the material so you can work with them earlier in the learning process to improve.

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PrepU is a truly adaptive learning solution for nursing students that adapts to each individual student’s performance.

PrepU numbers prove results

Adaptive Learning, powered by PrepU, was the first of its kind in the nursing education space! Constantly striving to provide innovation, Lippincott PrepU proved the power of adaptive learning in nursing, and the results speak for themselves! Adaptive Learning students have submitted more than one billion responses to customized questions generated through formative assessments in their courses and preparation for licensure. Adaptive learning platforms like PrepU improve students’ retention and mastery of course content; studies show an 11.4% increase in on-time graduation rates, and a 5.5% increase in program retention over five years.

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With Lippincott CoursePoint, students come to class better prepared than previously. They’re more engaged and their test scores have gone up.
Nancy Schnowske
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The PrepU difference

Each new student answer in Adaptive Learning enhances the power of the system to deliver significantly higher NCLEX pass rates and learning gains through personalized educational experiences. Students gain test-taking confidence and exposure to NCLEX-style questions, while improving critical thinking skills that are essential for practice-ready nurses. Plus, PrepU powers key digital resources that are used across our nursing education curriculum: Lippincott CoursePoint+, Lippincott PassPoint, and Lippincott CoursePoint for Nursing Concepts. You can get everything you need to boost student retention, engagement, and outcomes, all in one place!

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