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Help your students gain confidence in the skills they need to flourish in clinical practice with Lippincott® Skills for Nursing Education.

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Preparation for practice

Help prepare students for both skills lab and clinical settings by providing opportunities to learn, practice, and develop clinical judgment.

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Trusted content

Deliver expert-authored and evidence-based skills instruction from the market-leading fundamentals and skills author team of Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills Collection.

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Actionable insights

Effectively teach at the class and individual student level with easy-to-understand data and insights into student performance.

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Engaging learning

Experience a modern solution that’s easy to use, incorporating everything your students need to know, organized by skill — including videos, interactive case studies, and more — all in one place and on one platform.

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Tested technology

Built on our trusted platform and continually improving, this solution is designed specifically to empower nursing faculty and students to support teaching, learning, and reporting on nursing skills across the curriculum.

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Support to help you succeed

Ensure easy program integration with personalized training and support from our team of digital implementation specialists and nurse educator consultants.

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Take learning to the next level by preparing students for the NGN
Prepare students for the NGN with the Lippincott® Skills integrated learning experience that readies students for test day. Updated to help students recognize and analyze cues that are critical in diagnosing a patient’s condition, the solution includes real-world scenarios to develop clinical judgment and integrated with Practice and Learn Case Studies to help students achieve desired outcomes.
Get students off to a strong start in their nursing journey
Engage students with interactive case studies, videos, and adaptive learning tools that ensure continuity and consistency as they progress through the program.
Give students the  tools they need to be clinically competent nurses
The Lippincott® CoursePoint+ platform delivers a full portfolio of products that work together so students can progress through the curriculum with confidence.

Making nursing real

Optimize the way your students master clinical judgment and ensure they’re learning from the latest evidence-based content designed to keep them at the forefront of today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.
  • NEW! Lynn: Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills, 6th edition — updated content to keep current with today’s evolving healthcare environment and to cultivate the critical thinking and clinical judgment critical to success in practice
  • Web-based User Interface for optimal learning
  • Videos to bring skill instruction to life
  • Quizzes to assess students’ skills and understanding
  • Cases Studies to help students develop clinical judgment
  • Nurse Concepts lists in each chapter for at-a-glance reference
  • Online Skill Checklists to track skills and customize evaluations
  • Resources organized by skill for efficiency
  • Dashboards for in-depth and enhanced reporting
  • NEW! Lippincott Skills+ for Nursing Education to incorporate virtual simulation with vSim® for Nursing and Lippincott® Advisor, an evidence-based point-of-care knowledge and clinical decision support tool that students will use in practice
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Help your students master their skills with Lynn

  • This fully integrated course experience provides consistent skills instruction across the curriculum.
  • Written by the same author team, at the same time, provides consistency for instruction and student learning with the goal of preparing students for practice and the NGN.
  • Each product is created with the students’ experience in mind and coordinated to provide a cohesive learning experience.
  • Overall, their student-friendly content promotes nursing as an evolving art and science.
  • Lynn Taylor’s products is a trusted method of conveying and delivering the knowledge and skills required of new nursing students.
  • Authors are well-known thought leaders and nursing educator experts in their field.


  • Lynn: Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills, 6th Edition
  • Skill Checklists for Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills, 6th Edition
  • Seamlessly integrate Lippincott Skills for Nursing Education with Lippincott CoursePoint/CoursePoint+.
  • This content is available in Lippincott Skills for Nursing Education.

Unparalleled preparation for empowered practice

Pair Lippincott® Skills for Nursing Education with Lippincott® CoursePoint+, starting in Fundamentals and across the nursing education curriculum, to transform how your students develop skill competency and prepare for practice.

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