The best decisions are grounded in the best evidence

From retail clinics to pharmaceutical R&D, financial services, consulting firms, and beyond, healthcare businesses fulfill a vital role within the healthcare ecosystem. Though their roles are diverse, they nonetheless make decisions every day that impact their own organizations and the lives of patients and members throughout the world.

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Make decisions based on trusted, reliable, and unified clinical content

UpToDate® Enterprise and UpToDate® Pro suites have revolutionized the way healthcare reacts and responds to the continual flow of new information. We have the power to unify teams and cover more topics and more evidence than most products on the market. Your business can now have all the information on-demand and bundled with pioneering innovation.

UpToDate helps your organization with the following

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  • Review medical issues and treatment regimens
  • Read existing studies and review previously conducted research
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Medical affairs

  • Research epidemiology and treatment standards for diseases
  • Evaluate the suitability of drugs for testing based on mechanism of action
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  • Research adverse events to understand which are related to specific therapies
  • Learn about conditions for which certain treatments and protocols are indicated and why
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Care management

  • Access point-of-care information to support active care roles
  • Review data on specialty medications
  • Use as support for developing formularies
  • Use as a quick knowledge reference for call centers
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  • Verify and validate population data against our evidence-based information
  • Utilize some machine-readable content to pull evidence into your workflow for analysis
Subscription options for healthcare businesses with 20+ users
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