Prepare your students for practice with the leading decision support used by providers around the world

Whether training doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or any other healthcare provider, universities need to equip their students and faculty with the best resources to teach and learn evidence-based practice. The UpToDate® enterprise suite of solutions combines the latest clinical evidence with expert insights from physicians who are world-renowned leaders in their field. UpToDate reflects how real-world medicine is practiced today. Since UpToDate is so widely used in hospitals and clinics, it’s essential that students are exposed to it as they begin their journey as life-long learners.

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Used globally in over 38,000 hospitals, clinics, and institutions

UpToDate is the clinical decision support (CDS) solution future clinicians are likely to encounter in practice.

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Essential resource for nursing education

Nine out of 10 nurses and nurse practitioners using UpToDate say they are very or extremely satisfied.1

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Preferred CDS solution by physicians and residents

In a large-scale, 118-hospital study, UpToDate was the most-used CDS solution by physicians and residents, used significantly more than any other resource.2

UpToDate has an important role in medical education

A study of internal medicine residents at the Mayo Clinic3 examined the impact of learning habits, including the use of UpToDate, on medical knowledge acquisition as measured by the Internal Medicine In-training Examination (IM-ITE). The study concluded that use of UpToDate was a predictor of performance and had associations with knowledge acquisition that were comparable to the benefit of a year in residency training.

Proof that the UpToDate suite of solutions will create practice-ready clinicians

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Give students trusted resources: UpToDate add-on for Anki flashcards

Medical students can prepare for their career with UpToDate – the resource trusted by millions of clinicians. The free add-on for Anki flashcards provides comprehensive, evidence-based content to students as they prepare for their USMLEs.

Multi-user subscription options for academic institutions
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  2. Marshall JG, Sollenberger J, Easterby-Gannett S, Morgan LK, Klem ML, Cavanaugh SK, Oliver KB, Thompson CA, Romanosky N, Hunter S. The value of library and information services in patient care: Results of a multi-site study. Journal of the Medical Library Association 2013 Jan; 101(1):39-46.
  3. McDonald FS, Zeger SL, Kolars JC. Factors associated with medical knowledge acquisition during internal medicine residency. J Gen Intern Med. 2007 Apr 28.
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