From cosmetic to colorectal surgery, there are always new innovations and advancements in techniques, post-operative care, and rehabilitation. That’s why quick, easy access to these latest developments, as well as to the principles behind the practice, is critical for surgeons, nurses, and physicians, as well as students. Ovid offers a wide selection of resources in a variety of surgery topic areas—from comprehensive references that cover all aspects of principles and pathology to regularly updated journals detailing the latest techniques for specific procedures.

  • No Surgery journals on Ovid are embargoed
  • Access premium full-text and bibliographic content covering specialized areas in Radiology: Mammaography, X-ray, Computed Tomography and more
  • Uncover leading, non-embargoed journals from Lippincott®, Thieme Medical Publishers, Future Medicine and more
  • Search all Ovid resources simultaneously with just a single search query

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