Build a culture of learning

As a clinical education and nurse competency validation solution, Lippincott® Professional Development delivers 500+ online courses to help staff acquire practice-based knowledge; build critical thinking, competence and confidence; and earn continuing education credits. As a vital part of the Lippincott® Solutions suite, all of Lippincott Professional Development’s assignable courses map directly to Lippincott® Procedures and Lippincott® Advisor to support education in the areas of nurse onboarding and cross-training, and to address knowledge gaps — all while reducing variability of care.

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A safer environment

Our continual updates help ensure direct-care nurses always learn the very latest from trusted, authoritative sources — promoting patient safety and productivity while aiding compliance.

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Lifelong learning

Staff can access high-quality nurse education resources via assigned courses or self-directed plans. When used with Lippincott® Journal CE & Certification Review, nurses can advance and practice at top of their license.

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Teaching, not administering

With a wide variety of readily available materials, nurse educators can invest their time in teaching and in working directly with staff rather than in managing administrative labor, research and development.

Lippincott creates and sustains a culture of clinical excellence

With Lippincott Professional Development, direct-care nurses can build and check their knowledge to achieve their career aspirations. Preceptors can self-enroll in preceptor training and build skills essential for advancement. And nurse educators can focus on teaching rather than on developing materials.

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Learn how Lippincott® Professional Development Collection can help your staff acquire practice-based knowledge; build critical thinking, competence, and confidence; and earn continuing education credits.
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