Create, deploy, and track just-in-time training

Lippincott® Blended Learning keeps workforces flexible and updated with the latest evidence-based clinical material — reinforcing knowledge retention that reduces variability of care and improves patient outcomes. As part of the Lippincott® Solutions suite, Lippincott Blended Learning empowers nurse educators to seamlessly build materials for nurse orientation, transition to practice, and ongoing learning. New staff achieve productivity faster, and long-tenured staff stay current with the latest evidence and guidance.

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The online collection of authoritative and customizable lessons map to other components of Lippincott Solutions, helping nurse educators train staff and reinforce knowledge retention for consistent nursing care.

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Flexible and efficient

The cloud-based platform includes tools to create new lessons quickly and efficiently, which makes it easy to rapidly develop and deploy new information and policies that align with evolving needs or changes.

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Cloud based

With a single, cloud-based repository for all of an organization’s educational materials, staff always have access to a library of training resources to develop nurse care skills that improve clinical decision-making.

Lippincott creates and sustains a culture of clinical excellence

With Lippincott Blended Learning, direct-care staff have clear guidance on patient care expectations. Preceptors can stay consistent with institution-specific, foundational information. And nurse educators can quickly create and deploy new information.

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Learn how Lippincott® Blended Learning can help nurse educators to build, develop, and retain a skilled nursing staff.

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