Directors and Coordinators play a vital role in helping to guide residents on their path to being excellent practitioners.

The right resources can help you provide that guidance more effectively and efficiently. Lippincott offers affordable, accessible residency program solutions tailored to your facility, your staff, and your students.

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LWW Health Library

Each Health Library collection is a gateway to digital learning materials suitable for in-depth research or clinical practice support. Procedural videos and images provide visual context to book content, and quiz banks encourage regular self-assessments. Each of the following collections offers specific content and media resources aimed at helping residents build the expertise they need to succeed.


More than 20 books covering all the fundamentals for first-years or senior residents who need a refresh. Over 600 videos and 2,000 review Q&As also included!

Anesthesiology Collection

Emergency Medicine

This collection spans 13 sub-specialties and features nearly 300 procedural video clips, 2,600 review questions—with answers—and nearly 10,000 images.

Emergency Medicine Collection

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Nearly 250 clinical videos highlight this unique collection, which includes 16 of LWW’s most lauded books in the field. Residents will get an integrated feed to the ACOGOG’s official journal.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Collection

Orthopaedic Surgery

With a heavy emphasis on technical procedures, this combo offers 26 clinically-oriented textbooks plus numerous procedural videos and self-assessment questions.

Orthopaedic Surgery Collection


Ideal for junior and senior residents, this package includes 22 books covering core topics with chapters that are all printable and shareable. Great for board review, too.

Surgery Collection


Quick and easy access to point-of-care family medicine residency resources via desktop, tablet, or smartphone! Residents can make well-informed and split-second disease diagnosis and treatment decisions on thousands of diseases with topical summaries, A-Z searchable drug information, clinical algorithms, procedural and physical therapy videos, images, and lab test info. Explanatory handouts for patients also available.

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