Your trusted virtual simulation program, upgraded to better prepare today’s students for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) and the requirements of clinical practice

Give your students the most realistic and up-to-date clinical experiences available with expert-authored simulations. Co-developed by Laerdal Medical and Wolters Kluwer, vSim® for Nursing provides real-world, evidence-based scenarios written by the National League for Nursing. With built-in point-of-care solutions for reference and remediation and scenarios that include NGN-style questions, you can help students strengthen their clinical judgment skills while building test-taking confidence.

Three tablet screens showing different pages from the vSim for Nursing app

Increased medical fidelity

Using next generation vSim for Nursing, students will engage with enhanced 3D patients. Just like in real clinical practice, students learn to recognize cues effectively and react to unfolding visual and audio responses from the patient such as pain, paleness, urticaria, and more. As part of the virtual experience, students will see an immediate, lifelike, and accurate effect from providing patient-centered care, helping them improve their clinical reasoning skills based on decisions they make.

Comprehensive patient scenarios allow students to experience the same patient interactions and complexities in care they will find in real clinical settings, all updated for current medical practice, including normal and abnormal images, to develop the clinical judgment students need to prepare them for actual practice.

NGN-style scenarios and questions

vSim for Nursing is designed to support the NCBSN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model. In each post-scenario quiz, students must answer six questions similar to what they will see on the NGN, including cloze and extended multiple response items.

And since vSim for Nursing seamlessly integrates with the entire Lippincott® nursing education suite, students can reference evidence-based source material to reinforce or remediate their knowledge.

Improved communication

Our new SBAR (Situation Background Assessment Recommendation) tool empowers students to practice communicating effectively.

Students will learn about receiving and giving an SBAR during a patient handover, teaching them to communicate effectively with their colleagues and improving the quality of their patient handovers.

SBAR handover concluding patient scenario

  • A select-all-that-apply multiple-choice assessment engages students in exchanges to decide which information to include.
  • Detailed focus on effective communication
  • Increased critical thinking and clinical judgment through information inclusion decisions
  • Students receive detailed feedback on their SBAR report.
  • Instructors receive instant performance assessments.

SBAR handover preceding patient scenario

  • Students get handover of the patient case with a realistic spoken report.
  • More voice variations and fewer pauses help students practice active listening skills.
  • Students exercise judgment, prioritizing what factors to weigh in treating patients.

Enhanced clinical judgment

Since the beginning, vSim for Nursing has been an environment to practice clinical judgment. Patient scenarios require students to identify cues and interpret information, as well as to determine, prioritize, and take appropriate nursing actions before reevaluating as needed. These steps allow students to build their confidence and competence in a safe, realistic environment.

The next generation of vSim for Nursing has new features and upgrades that give students an even more realistic experience, taking developing clinical judgment to the next level. With increased realism and fidelity, students can recognize unfolding visual and audio cues from patients and will have to react to these cues accordingly. Updates to the EHR require students to use their clinical judgment skills to explore and retrieve relevant information.

Seamless user experience

Updates to the platform make vSim for Nursing easier to navigate across multiple operating systems and devices. Now fully supported for tablet devices on our vSim® for Nursing app, students and instructors can get the powerful full simulation learning experience of vSim for Nursing anytime and anywhere.

With a streamlined user experience including tool tips, improved graphics, and search, instructors and students can easily implement and orient to vSim for Nursing and get to the heart of patient-centered care quickly!

Elevate your students’ clinical learning experience
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Elevate your students’ clinical learning experience
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