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Sim beyond the SimLab

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More and more, nurse educators are recognizing the importance of creating and implementing teaching methodologies that replace inactive, traditional classroom learning environments with strategies that foster active, learning—giving context to knowledge gained in the classroom. Simulation exercises can be particularly effective at enabling students to make real, actionable meaning out of knowledge gained in the classroom—as demonstrated by a recent NCSBN Landmark Longitudinal that looked at how simulation could work in tandem with specific learning outcomes.

Indeed, simulation as a means to transforming nursing education has been codified in National League for Nursing Vision series documents—observations on the current state of nursing education and ways to roadmap the future state—for the better part of the last decade. The most recent paper in the series, Debriefing Across the Curriculum, was published June of 2015 in collaboration with INACSL. It builds on an April 2015 paper—introduced the pedagogical aspects of simulation activities to focus on how to disseminate ideas on simulation use.

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In the last decade, the nursing literature has consistently challenged nurse educators to learn about and implement teaching methodologies that fully engage learners in meaning making. Specific active learning strategies, like simulation (both manikin and virtual) are transforming nursing education. The important thread is the Socratic spirit: being truly curious about what students are and are not thinking. Sim Beyond the Sim Lab will provide a dialogue on ways that faculty can integrate simulation in the curriculum and thoughtfully move from passively “depositing content” to strategies that actively engage the learner in “using the content.”

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