Lake Superior College

  • Location: Duluth, Minnesota
  • Founded 1995
  • 14 nursing faculty
  • 300 nursing students
  • Accreditations: Nationally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and approved by the Minnesota Board of Nursing


Complying with state changes while preserving accreditation

In 2010, new state requirements required Lake Superior College to cut five credits from the nursing curriculum. At the same time, low NCLEX pass rates were putting accreditation at risk.

Since many Lake Superior students were embarking on second careers, faculty wanted an active learning approach that better met their needs, with more integrated, intuitive resources and plenty of hands-on learning.

Faculty also wanted to bridge the gap between clinical practice and the classroom setting — especially when COVID-19 closed clinical sites.

What I love about vSim is that students have to use their judgment to decide next steps, putting together what they’ve learned in CoursePoint+, DocuCare, and PrepU. Using the Lippincott suite, our NCLEX pass rates rose from 75% to 95.5% as of 2017.
Jacqueline Semaan, MSN, CHSE, RNC-LRLN, Nursing Skills Lab Coordinator, Simulation Coordinator, Lake Superior College
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Lake Superior nursing faculty decided to implement a more active learning model that emphasized the clinical. With urging from faculty who had used Wolters Kluwer texts for years, the team adopted CoursePoint+, encompassing the entire Wolters Kluwer digital curriculum platform.


Lippincott’s nursing education consultants helped Lake Superior nursing faculty customize the resources. They integrated vSim scenarios into clinical teaching, using DocuCare before and after simulations to reinforce the lessons.


Today, faculty incorporate Lippincott texts, case studies, discussion topics, animated concepts, adaptive quizzing, and other tools.


NCLEX pass rates jumped to 95.5% from less than 75%, boosting student achievement while allowing Lake Superior to switch to competitive entry.

Students demonstrated essential clinical decision-making skills through an integrated approach that fosters learning, reinforcement, and independent thinking.

Digital tools ensured continuity during COVID-19, even when clinical sites shut down. Going forward, Lake Superior plans to continue delivering more clinical teaching through vSim.

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