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Whether your tax department needs help keeping up with the fast pace of change today or is looking to get a leg up on preparing for the future, we’ve got you covered with corporate tax and accounting software and sales and use tax solutions that streamline your workflow, ensure compliance, improve accuracy, and drive growth. Wolters Kluwer solutions provide the answers to the regulatory questions you need now and the tax, finance, and accounting CPE courses you need to be ready for what’s next.

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Financial and Estate Planning

Wolters Kluwer research and analytical tools take the complexity out of financial and estate planning.

Learning Solutions

Estate and Trust Primer for Tax Professionals

Estate and trust administration is a growing part of a tax professional's practice. These courses provide a practical understanding of the issues involved in making decisions regarding clients' trusts. You also get guidance on dealing with tax compliance issues at death and preparing the federal estate tax return (Form 706), the federal gift tax return (Form 709), and the decedent's final federal income tax return.

Form 1041 Preparation

Don't miss this popular series covering preparation of the U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts (Form 1041). You'll get an overview of the process, discussion of issues relating to the complexities of income taxation of estates and trusts — including Subchapter J, plus key questions to ask your clients and line by line explanations of the form

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