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In today’s complex care environment, preparing practice-ready nurses can be challenging. Nursing educators are balancing the need to produce LPN/LVN practice-ready nurses with the challenges of teaching a diverse population of students - all while accommodating varying study skill abilities and the need to avoid cognitive overload.

The urgency of the LPN/LVN shortage (estimated to reach 1.2 million by 2030) demands proven nursing education and remediation solutions that help prepare students for the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) – and transition to real-world clinical practice. But preparing LPN/LVN students comes with its own set of considerations for deans and faculty of nursing programs as they try to keep pace.

Time-stretched LPN/LVN nursing students need structure and guidance along their learning path with paced adaptive assignments so misconceptions can be captured in real time. And while every student deserves equal access to learning tools that have proven outcomes, instructors need flexible options to teach courses based on their own unique teaching styles.

Improve student retention
The U.S. nursing program dropout rate is 20%. Keep students engaged with a personalized learning experience and simulations that enable Learn-By-Doing practice. Ensure consistency and continuity of learning through the LPN/LVN curriculum.
Appeal to diverse learners
Provide strong student support for the unique characteristics of LPN/LVN learners who juggle life responsibilities with school. Deliver content that appeals to diverse learning styles and helps ensure students comprehend and retain information.
Foster clinical judgment
Provide the building blocks of the Next Generation NCLEX-PN®, strengthen clinical judgment skills, and prepare students for real-world practice, ensuring they learn and understand the nursing process that forms the foundation of practice.
Ensure workforce readiness
Studies report that most new nurse graduates are not prepared for practice. Ensure students are workforce-ready by exposing them to the evidence-based learning platforms they’ll use in clinical practice.

Discover the Lippincott® difference

Every teaching and learning journey is unique. We’re helping guide the way, giving you options whether you prefer teaching from a textbook or an eBook that is fully integrated with a digital learning solution. Lippincott® includes a portfolio of eBooks, textbooks, evidence-based tools, and cutting-edge digital, virtual simulation, and interactive learning solutions. We give instructors the opportunity to blend teaching approaches that motivate and prepare students – for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) and for clinical practice.

How one LPN/LVN program boosted NCLEX scores and practice readiness

CiTi BOCES is crucial to the Oswego County, NY, local community, and in helping to respond to the severe local nursing labor shortage. In 2015, falling NCLEX® scores signaled that students were not prepared for the exam or clinical practice. That’s when they turned to the Lippincott® suite of learning solutions. Over just two years, CiTi BOCES improved its NCLEX pass rates from 65.22% to 95.83%.

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1 million students and counting: Lippincott® CoursePoint is the #1 digital learning platform delivering nursing education solutions 
Trusted content. Time-tested technology. An intuitive platform designed to engage nursing students of all learning styles. Customizable to meet your curriculum’s specific needs, our flexible platform aligns to both a traditional and concepts-based curriculum. We’re helping students reach their potential with a personalized learning experience that boosts student confidence and competence.
  • Lippincott® CoursePoint+ and vSim® for Nursing
  • Lippincott® DocuCare
Laerdal, helping save lives logo

Featuring the most trusted virtual simulations in nursing education, vSim for Nursing – integrated into Lippincott CoursePoint+ – is co-developed by Wolters Kluwer and Laerdal® Medical, one of the world’s leading providers of healthcare solutions. vSim includes patient-centered simulation scenarios from the National League for Nursing (NLN) to create a full, interactive learning environment that promotes clinical judgment.

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Lippincott DocuCare is a leading, student-friendly electronic health record (EHR) designed by nurse educators for nursing education. Through its exclusive and long-standing partnership with the National League for Nursing (NLN), Wolters Kluwer integrates EHR software with more than 150 NLN patient scenarios and Laerdal manikin simulators. Lippincott DocuCare helps students master patient record interpretation, patient care, and follow-up documentation.

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Get the most out of the Lippincott® products and course materials to help students reach their potential. From digitally transforming your curriculum with expert guidance along the way, our team of educational coaches and nurse educators is here to help.
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